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980Mother Of God in Kukilion (Cycle of Prayers)

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  • SOCM-Moderator
    Aug 4, 2002
      In the Kukilion of Syrian Orthodox Church, following the elevation of
      the Holy Mysteries, the first cycle of hymns is devoted to Blessed
      Virgin Mariam. In this hymn, the relationship between Jesus and
      Mother of God has been treated analogous to the King and Princess,
      illustrated in King David's Psalm 45: 9-12. This Psalm is treated as
      glorification of the Church as well as Virgin Mother Of God. It is
      rendered in a contracted form and sung as under:

      See the royal daughter stand
      Glorious Queen at Thy right hand
      Thy father's folk and home leave thou
      The King desires thy beauty now.

      This is followed by further praises and supplications

      Thou whose praise the Church doth sing
      Intercession for us bring
      Unto Him thine only son
      That He may not mercy shun.

      Peace the bright archangel brought
      Hailing Mary fair,
      Favoured is thy blessed lot
      Thou the Lord shall bear.

      Like a ship did Mary bear-
      Laud and honour be-
      Him, the captain and the Lord,
      God of all the World.

      By Thy cross, O Jesus Lord
      By thy Mother's praying word,
      Take from us and from our path
      Punishments and rods of wrath.