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9258Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century – Part 14 of 20

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  • SOCM
    Nov 28, 2006
      Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century � Part 14 of 20

      Monk: If you believe the Koran you should believe the Gospel.

      Moslem: I questioned you, O Monk, about your worship of Christ. Did you not
      answer differently?

      Monk: I know that, MURSHED. I preferred to explain, first, how your Prophet
      and our Book testify and ascertain that my faith is right and confirms the
      Gospel of my faith. I gave the testimony from the Koran.

      Moslem: Do not deceive with your sayings and do not delay in answering.
      Answer now about your Christ and about your assertion that he is God and

      Monk: You asked MURSHED about a nice thing, suitable from whom you heard it
      with reason and a pure heart. But I fear that your dark mind does not allow
      you to attain the will of the divine wisdom in the management and planning
      for the salvation of mankind.

      Moslem: He considers us like illiterate who are ignorant and do not

      Monk: No, but I know that you are an adherent of a revealed religion, and
      that you know and understand.

      Moslem: tell me, O Monk, what you intend to say. I prepared an answer to
      each question and I admit the right and confess the truth of it as made

      Monk: With his great confirmation, generosity, and righteousness, he created
      all Creatures by his Word and Spirit as said by the prophet David, "With the
      Word of the Lord the heavens have been built and with his Spirit all his
      forces." God does not need any of his creatures but they share his numerous
      graces." When mankind had grown in numbers over the years they left the
      worship of God and worshiped their desires and adored the creatures instead
      of the creator. They came under the authority of Satan and worshipped other
      idols that destroyed their lives. But the compassion of God and his
      righteousness did not tolerate to see His creatures under the hand of their
      enemy, as some attributed the incidents to the bad spirit. He others asked
      the lucky star (star of destiny) and other stars and studied the moving of
      the stars. Some others believed in various things. Then God found that he
      had with his divine policy, to speak to them personally because of his
      prodigious compassion. But as they are corporal, His wisdom found it
      inevitable to speak to them with a corporal body, as the divinity is not
      corporal. And like the substance of the fire is invisible and is unfruitful
      to people except if it appears in matter, God had sent His beloved Son, who
      is His Word and Spirit, to the Virgin Mary, as mentioned in your Koran, your
      Book and your Prophet who said, "We animated with our spirit Mary, daughter
      of Qumran, who was a virgin. He also said, "God has chosen his Word and
      Spirit and called him His Son." So the eternal Creator Word of God entered
      into Mary�s womb where he created for himself a body like Adam�s nature but
      free of sins. When he wanted the Word and Spirit concealed in that thick
      body and united with it. He did not take a body before his entrance of the
      Word and Spirit. The body has been formed with the entrance of God�s Word
      and Spirit. Like the coexistence of the light with the spark and the
      appearance and presence of the light with the fire. The deity united the
      humanity taken from the nature of Adam. He then did with his divinity by the
      union of the humanity with it that is by the means of his sacred body.
      Christ raised the dead, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, and
      healed the leprous, putting his hands on them by means of that sacred body.
      That is the reason why we kneel to him. Suppose that you took a small amount
      of musk, put it in a napkin and put them in a location. The musk�s perfume
      will not spread in the place and into the napkin?

      Prince: Yes.

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