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9235Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century – Part 11 of 20

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  • SOCM
    Nov 28, 2006
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      Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century � Part 11 of 20

      Monk: Why do you insult us? Why do you attribute to us what is related to you and your Prophet? Didn�t we talk and prove that Christ is the Spirit of God and his Word, from your Koran and your Prophet? If you are sure that what we cited is satanic then it is from your Prophet and your Book.

      Prince: Shame on you, ABUL-FADL! Your silence was better and more fruitful than your speech. I wish to God that he had furnished you with silence and dumbness. Then we would have been at ease.

      Then ABUL-FADL was ashamed and went away.

      Monk: What is your opinion, ABU-SALAMAH, about what was said by your
      Prophet, "Jesus (Issa) is considered by God like Adam. He told him, �Be� and he became." Your Prophet said the truth because the eternal Word of God and his creative Spirit is not created and cannot be understood. A creation having from Mary�s body a cover where He inhabited and concealed into the divinity of God following his policy and regulation. Because the light and flammable substance is a delicate substance that can see while it is invisible. You must know also that Moses requested to see God in his divine face. But God told him, "Enter into the rock to see what I will show you."
      Doing so, Moses saw an intense light. One could not look at it for a long time. Afterwards, everybody who saw Moses died. So he wore a veil over his face so when he spoke to the people he could save them from dying.

      Moslem: If you believe that the Spirit and the Word of God occupied Mary�s womb, then God remained without Spirit nor Word, because they inhabited Mary�s womb.

      Monk: You are in error, ABU-SALAMAH. You should stay with children or countrymen, for you consider God the light substance, the Creator of sensitive things, who is neither omniscient, omnipotent, nor omnipresent, who cannot be included in time. You make him limited and mutable. Take this imagination out of your mouth and do not make the Spirit and the Word of God limited and mutable.

      Moslem: But how could I ascertain your idea when you say that the Word and the Spirit of God were completely in Mary�s womb and at the same time outside? Following your beliefs, they do not leave God.

      Monk: Your imagination is suitable to your luxurious and high mode of life. So are our legislation and your religion. You look at the reasonable things, which is affected by comparison between them and the fallible matters, due to your dark minds. This is caused by your use of corporal delights. Be sure that I will prove what I said and ascertain the truth. Now what about the sun that is in the sky? Does it not send it�s light, warmth, and rays to the earth? Are they separate?

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