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9230Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century – Part 10 of 20

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  • SOCM
    Nov 28, 2006
      Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century � Part 10 of 20

      Moslem: Woe unto you! We contest what you make God, a child, and the Christ is God�s Son, and that he is the Eternal God and Creator of the creatures while he is human and was born from a woman. God considers him like Adam to whom he said, "Be" and he created him.

      Monk: So ABU-SALAMAH, you believe in all what your Prophet mentioned in your book. That book was inspired by God?

      Moslem: Yes, everything mentioned in the Koran was inspired to Mohammed.

      Monk: Didn�t the Koran didn�t mention that Christ is the Spirit of God and his Word given by God to Mary?

      Moslem: Not the eternal Word but the created Word.

      Monk: Was God at any time dumb, deaf, or empty of any word or spirit?

      Moslem: God forbid! God, his Word and Spirit are always present.

      Monk: Is God�s Word Creator or created?

      Moslem: Creator.

      Monk: You worship the God above in his Spirit and Word don�t you?

      Moslem: I adore God, his Word and his Spirit.

      Monk: Say now then, "I believe in God, in his Spirit, and in his Word."

      Moslem: I believe in God, in his Spirit, and in his Word. But I do not make them three but one God.

      Monk: This is my opinion too and my beliefs and those of all Christians of Orthodox faith. I like now to explain the meanings of the Holy Trinity: the father is God, the Son is his Word, and the third is the Holy Spirit.

      The Prince was lying down. He then stood up and glanced at the Moslem and laughed and told him, "ABU-SALAMAH, the Monk has Christianized you and introduced you to the Christian religion. You are a Christian."

      ABU-SALAMAH was furious. There was a judge named FADL-AL-HALABI, who told his friends, "If you had permitted me from the beginning to have a debate with the Monk I would have defeated him. Afterwards he looked at the Prince and said, "Be informed, O Prince, that the non-believers are in hellfire and whoever approaches them burns himself, and Satan, the spirit of tyranny, speaks through their mouths.

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