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9226Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century – Part 9 of 20

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  • SOCM
    Nov 28, 2006
      Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century � Part 9 of 20

      Prince: Quite right!

      Monk: If Mohammed knew that you were on the right way, he wouldn�t order you to request from God the guidance and maturity. Besides, knowing that God does not accept his prayer, he commanded you to pray for him, and told you, "You believers, pray for me and grant me salvation."

      Moslem: Don�t you know that God and the angels pray for Mohammed. Thus, don�t we have to pray for him too?

      Monk: You should pray, preferably, for yourself and ask pardon for yourself; not to live like one who is hungry and asks food from others, or like one who suffers from an injury and asks for medicine from somebody else. So if you with God and his angels pray for Mohammed who will accept your prayers? If this is your opinion, you make God equal with mankind.

      Moslem: The prayer of God is a grace according to his worshipers.

      Monk: Who has benefited from the grace of God and his angels don�t need your prayers? You better pray for yourselves.

      Moslem: Don�t you Christians pray on your Christ?

      Monk: Absolutely! We pray to him because he is our God and Creator and he accepts the prayer of his servants if they do, and he forgives their sins.

      Moslem: What an evident blasphemy and horrible idea. You worship a created man born from a woman, who suffered shamefully. That is what you confess. And you, O Monk, do not deny that? You mock with insolence our Prophet Mohammed the Chosen.

      Monk: On my life, we do not bring anything from ourselves but from your book and your Koran. Don�t you confess that Mohammed was a Bedouin and from Korish?

      Moslem: Yes!

      Monk: Don�t you know that he had many women, some against dowry, and some concubines. Don�t you agree that he was so passionate towards women that he used the sword to kill those who did not obey him and that he took Zeid�s wife?

      Moslem: Yes that was God�s command because God inspired him to do so.

      Monk: Don�t you confess that he died and was buried with thirty of his family members with him under the soil? We mention only a few of the attributes of your Prophet, those, which you admitted. So why do you contest it?

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