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9067Re: Malakara Bishops Visiting Syrian Congregations

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  • Robin J. Mani
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

      I would like to express my humble feelings about some of the recent photos I saw in SOCM & SOCMNet. I am rather delighted to see Bishops from Malankara visit Ethnic Syrian and Middle Eastern congregations. One of the often used slogans of the certain MOSC fanatics is that Ethnic Middle Easterners took down upon Bishops and Priests from Malankara. As to incite that they believe their (Ethnic Syrian) ordination is superior to Malankara Clergies ordination. Many times they spread stories about how the Catholicos is an unknown ambiguous position, given to Malankara as some sort of Syriac Charity. Yet, take one look at the multiple sites that have Bishops from Malankara visiting Damascus, Europe, etc. Their faces express the truth. They look at Malankara Bishops as equal Spiritual Fathers. I was moved when I was looking at photos from the Holy Patriarch's Enthronement Jubilee Celebration in Damascus, When the Blessed Catholicos came there. The love and respect the Holy Fathers showed each other. The utmost respect the people showered upon the Blessed Catholicos and the Bishops from Malankara will easily expose the truth behind such MOSC propaganda. The recent photos from the Memorial of the Syrian Bishop that Passed away, where the Blessed Catholicos was the Chief Celebrant. The people showed great respect and love towards the Blessed Catholicos. It did not seem that the Catholicos was an unknown dignitary. These events are true works of a Universal Church. I believe this is the way Christ pictured the Holy Church, where nationality is not important, but rather as members of Christ's Body. I firmly hope people will begin to realize that the solution to lasting Peace in India is through HH Patriarch.

      Your servant in Christ,
      Robin J. Mani
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