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8530Re: Something terrible is happening in IOC !!????

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  • Pathhikan
    Jul 31 10:59 AM
      Dear Mr.Saju Paulose,

      You spoke everything that are going through the minds of the mass out there with regard to what have been happening in the other troubled isle. Well done! But before I, the worthless, say anything further on the subject may I add a sentence that you missed in your message: "When we rejoice in the present blessings that showered upon us by the ever Merciful, we should not be like the pride Israelites who tragically forgot the mighty Deliverer. Let our prayer be continuous to the One who is always ready there in listening".

      Your message reminds a scriptural warning. The sinful deeds of fathers will bring curse on the children of their seven generations(at least). Dear Mr.Saju, the labor pain only just started. The writhe and wriggling of our Holy Fathers on the account of the happenings of 1908-1912 period onwards have yet been answered. The BIG time is yet to come when those miscreants and their generations have to "look unto the one they had wounded". You may note down this prophecy: There will be a day when their generations in the far away continents will turn around 360 degrees and say, "who the hell are you to rule over us from Kottayam, we are autocephalous and don't tell us what to do". They ought to pay this ultimate price for their misdeeds.

      I can only pray, "Lord! Be merciful to them".

      Thank you.

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