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    Jun 10, 2006
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      Dear honorable members

      Greetings in HIS name

      To keep the forum debate's authenticity, we the moderators of this
      forum, have decided to implement a new guideline.

      As per the new guideline from 26th of October 2004, we will not
      publish any messages without proper signature. Your signature should
      contain full name, family name, home parish, present parish
      attending along with proper references like that of the parish
      priest's; name, e mail address and telephone number, where we can
      verify the genuineness of the e mails.

      After the verification of your identity, we will provide a member ID
      Number which can be used as your signature for future postings and
      by member ID numbers we can verify your mails. However, If you want
      your name to be withheld from the messages published, we will comply
      to your request and then only the ID number will be published.

      These personal contact details will be stored in our database and
      will not be published in the forum.

      However, if you are hesitant to reveal the name and identity, you
      can still be a member of the forum and get the daily digests in your
      e-mail id supplied, if you wish so.

      This new guideline is applicable to all members, regardless of their
      Christian denomination.

      We hope our members will appreciate it and cooperate with us.

      Be with us and be part of us.

      In Our Lords Love
      For & on behalf of
      SOCM-FORUM Moderators

      Thomas Daniel (Reji)
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