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8291Devotional thoughts for Pentecost Sunday - 04 June 06

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  • Jose Kurian Puliyeril
    Jun 2, 2006
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      Reading: From the Gospel according to St. John 15:1-14

      Dear and Respected Brethren,

      As far as the children of Abraham, the Father of all the faithful, Pentecost
      was a feast, on the fiftieth day after the feast of Pass over. On such a
      feast day of Pentecost only, the early Christians, including the Apostles as
      well as Mother of God and other few, were strengthened by God to continue
      the mission of the Savior of the mankind and the universe. The Apostles and
      others along with the blessed virgin Mother of God had waited for the Holy
      Spirit with one accord, as per the instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ
      prior to His blessed Ascension to Heaven. This is what we are learning in
      the first and second chapters of the Acts of the Apostles. Though all
      Christians have accepted the Holy Spirit through the Baptism and Holy
      Mooron, our life in the world necessitates us to renew the Holy Spirit in us
      and to keep it strong and full. Until recent years our faithful were eager
      to renew the status of the Holy Spirit in them. But somehow or the other, we
      are not so serious about the growth of the Holy Spirit in us. It seems that
      our faith and observation of the traditions and rituals are not at all
      serious. We all deal with them in a very cold mood. We must have a
      self-revival and eagerness to follow the footsteps of our ancestors and

      Kindly realize the uniqueness and very sweetness of the language used by our
      Lord and Savior, while He is explaining about the relation between Him and
      us. When we hear �I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener� we might
      feel it as so simple, but in fact how deep are they and their inner
      meanings? If we could see a healthy vine plant with lots of leaves and
      fruits in our minds, we could realize a lot. The gardener would desire
      plenty of fruits on all branches of the plant. In the 2nd verse it is
      mentioned that what would happen to the branch that might not bear fruits.
      We should not forget the truth that the faithful cannot do anything until
      and unless they might stay in our Lord and Savior, like a branch cannot bear
      fruits unless it�s connection with the main stem is strong and solid.

      Let us see what Lord Jesus, is offering us in verse 8, who only guaranteed
      that we could bear more fruits while staying in God the Father. �Herein is
      my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit; so shall you be my
      disciples.� We all must bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit, then only God
      the Father�s name will be glorified and we all would be accepted as our
      Lord�s disciples. Kindly read a similar exhortation in St. Matthew 5:16. and
      Philippians 1:11. Now let us make sure about the number of fruits we have
      utilized for the glory of God. Remember that all these fruits and many
      others were granted to us free of cost. If our score is a big zero, we must
      pray with a mind of repentance �Merciful God, kindly make use of us for your
      glory�. We must humble ourselves and dedicate ourselves for His disposal.
      Let us try to understand the deep meaning of the 9th verse. Let us try to
      grasp the deep meaning of those words. Kindly separate a few seconds to
      determine the love we enjoy from our Lord God. Let us try to maintain a
      proper record of the love we enjoy from Lord God. Can we forget the
      searching, caring and sharing love of our Savior? He wants us to exchange
      the same style of love to our fellowmen. Our habitual nature is to say OK
      for all sorts of exhortations and to forget/ignore them totally later.
      Aren�t we? So let us take a decision slowly but wisely. Let us try to be
      grateful to God for all sorts of blessings and graces we do enjoy in every
      second. Let us take a decision to be good conductors of God�s love, as the
      electric wires do their assignments. Let us also receive more and more love
      from God and share them among the needy fellowmen.

      In the 10th verse our Lord teaches us the way to remain in His love. It is a
      very light and simple thing to obey our Lord�s commandments. What is our
      Lord�s commandment? It is to love God and our own fellowmen without
      reserves. Our Lord explains about it in the 11th and 12th verses.

      Our Lord says that this is the right means to enjoy the complete joy in our
      lives. Let us decide to which matter we are giving priority: to God Almighty
      or something else. Let the Holy Spirit of God guide us in everyday lives.
      God bless us all

      Jose Kurian Puliyeril
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