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  • Varugese C J
    May 31, 2006
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      Dear All,

      It is heartening even to think about Judas, one of the 12 selected by our LORD to be his disciples. We think about with contempt, curse him on his action, later the Apostles themselves find a replacement in his place as the 12th Apostle. All the twelve were common people, not known for any of their outstanding achievements, and hailed from the lower strata of the then Isralites.

      If we try to analyze the attitude of Judas, in very few places he was in the lime light during the three and half years of our LORD's public ministry. But towards the end this name became prominent. Was it not true that while selecting the disciples, our Lord haven't any idea about each of these individuals? It is evident from the later actions of each of them that they have been destined to act upon the wish of their Master. Then how the Judas has been left out to throw the Son of God in the hands of the perpetuators, who was looking for His blood. If we look indepth to his (Judas) behaviour, we will be astonished to see that he was closer to both to his Master and also to the then High Priest, From his (Judas) own remarks on the wastage due to washing the legs of our Lord by a lady. He shows his concern for the poor, wanted to distribute the value among the poor and needy. Through his final action only we will be able to notice his proximity to the high priest. Possible
      it may not have happened like that. Judas was the purse bearer among the disciplies, it is believed. He was one of the beautiful men among the disciples. Though there hasn't any mention about his background, we can assume that a common man among the Isralites would have the privileges of keeping a close-knit connection with the high priest. The then high priest and his coterie around him was the most corrupted priests among the priestlings of Israel ever had. Their hench men made the House of God to a commercial establishment, whom our lord once thrown out all their belonging from inside the Jerusalem Church. The strategist Judas kept his connection with these people, which is not known to his peers, but only to his Master. May be because of this our Lord might have declared that "None can step in two boats, if one try to do it, he will be drowned". It was clearly mentioned few places in the Holy Bible, all the twelve never accompanies their Master always. Sometimes their
      Master himself choose three out of twelve to accompany him to lonely places, and higher mountains. May be it was because he wanted to impart indepth knowledge to these three, thereby the foundation for a New Israle can be laid only through these three. The day He celebrated the Last Super (the Pesha), and the same day became the day for institution of the Holy Qurbana, to be carried out till his second coming, our Lord also mentioned about the disintegration of the then Israel, and the birth of a New Israle.

      By then Judas, the cursed, understood that he will not be able to find any favour from our Lord, but decided to take maximum advantage of his connection with his Master. He might have thought about different ways to make it a profitable venture out of his association with the Nazraen, the redeemer. So he conspired with his old friends, who occupy the highest position as high priest of the Israelites. His eagerness to make money overruled his conscience and fear of God. Making a profit out from any deed was his inherent attitude. His association with the sinless didn't change his attitude, but in an opportune time he played it very safely, and made a profit out of this connection. He has forgotten everything, his only motive was to make money, and finally after eating from the hands of his Master, he went away to execute his plan of action. He might not have dreamed of it as a suicidal action, but finally this strategist met with his tragic end, before which he realized
      the sin he had committed and had thrown away the profit he made out of the deal.

      Right now, few among the faithfuls (as we think) are wandering in Malankara to make profit out of the connection we have with the Mother of All Churches. The originator of this rebellion was considered to be the most knowledgeable amongst the Malankara Syrian Church, but his motive behind making profit out of his knowledge and respect he was carrying with him is deplorable. His love for temporal authority is still driving his followers currently. His strategic manipulation of the truth only made birth of a new order of faith (which was unheard till then). The current followers of him are really playing with a strategy, and follow the steps of Judas. They know very well how to make profit, how to make people fool, and how people can be misled to believe them. They are succeeding in handling the rulers of this country, misled the highest judicial system merely based on technical grounds and the truth has been sidelined. Few among these modern Judas are very intelligent,
      looking for a chance to redicule the faithfuls with false strategic propagandas. Their only motto is to malign the Mother Church and its Head, with sweetened phrases and create a make belief situation among the poor faithfuls. Like in the case of only three out of the remaining eleven disciplies were fortunate enough to see the original face of the betrayer Judas and witnessed the arrest of their Master and later the humiliation he suffered from the perpetuators. Like that there are a ramnent in Malankara with purity of faith, belief in Almighty, even after facing whole lot of assaults, humiliation and loss of property and life still resist to these evil designers who follow the footsteps of Judas and advocates of the devil, who always look for a chance to destroy the faithfuls in the history of human kind.

      Let the ramnent rejoice that they stand for the truth, and ever be lured with profit making endeavours of the modern Judas of Malankara.

      With regards,
      CJ Varughese
      Member id # 1012
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