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8039Gulf recruitment of JSC clergy & values

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    Mar 27, 2006
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      Dear All,

      The recent incidents in IOC,is tragic but deserving for them,this can happen to us also if we are not(leadership is not Christian value oriented)

      I want to bring to your attention some recent trends in JSC over recruitment of clergy to Gulf/Overseas countries.Most Jacobites out of shame do not speak of this and they express their disagreement with our Leadership among themselves.Our leadership should not take granted our people.Many ask whom to talk,even if we complain what will be solution,the person who complains alas will be the enemy of all,better to be silent.

      Many(not all) of the clergy sent to Gulf/Overseas for 2/3yrs from India are not first class priest,they are either greedy for money by going abroad or some trouble makers in our church who has been controlled by our leadership reminding him to place him abroad or got some good connection with the hierarchy. The good poor priest stays home in Kerala,the naughty priest grow. These clergy press laity abroad for donations,they divide the church into groups like it happed in Abudabhi JSC,were priest abused the old founding members, divided church into 2 groups as far as I know into Catholicos Thomas I group & Joseph Mor Gregorios group,priest spoke vulgar language and tried to physically assault old members.Today many Jacobites, including Knanaya Jacobites in Abudhabi, do not go to church on Sundays. Our leadership knows this I think.

      Priest & bishops should have minimum moral values in them,otherwise we will crumble soon.In casual discussion our people among ourself do not like many of our leaders’ actions.This is a warning to all religious organizations as well as us that when we believe in church more than Christ we will collapse.

      Our leadership should be bold to resist political pressures and financial benefits, like our forefathers who rejected military threat and financial offers from Portuguese in colonial days.Today our people fear bishops for donations and avoid them.Day by day our people lose respect for our bishops,priest and laitey leaders,I am not blaming all, there are good people also ,but majority maneuvers the few good.

      Allegation is that many of our present bishops care for VIP’s only.I don’t know how many bishops have registed as members in our forum openly,many fear to face common people.We have to change,they have to change,otherwise they will be changed by Jacobites who believe in God more than church and honours the holy throne of Antioch and all the East,who are from the pure breed,when time comes,by spirit of God as we are a race close to chosen people,who has survived only by God’s will all this centuries inspite of schisms in middle east and all over the world.

      The present trend in JSC is now,after the collapse of Jacobite noble families with rise of communist Gov,the new Jacobite families took leading role in church affairs,many who believe in church more than God,and there is some form of construction(church,hall) now in every church for the sake of it.The committee members want to build something to impress others and press poor people for money in different ways.

      Selling CD of church feast at triple price,books at triple price,selling cemetery space like bidding from Rs.75,000 onwards,donation for dieselising bishops car,coupon selling for lucky draw etc. our church is becoming a trade centre for revenue collection and not a house of worship,just like Jerusalem temple was a trade centre and Jesus Christ had to Cleanse it. This has to change for better.

      Our leadership and other hidden lobbies have to be careful that we maintain Christian values in all our church in day to day management and select good priest for abroad.Please do not dishonor the NRI Jacobites by sending poor priests abroad.

      Regarding Trikkunath seminary & Mor Athanasious school Nedumbassery, the school was built by my grandfather(adviser to St.Athanasious of Aluva) a civil diploma engineer in 1939, for Mor Gregorios Vayaliparambil,his relative.If our bishops boldly try, without political tacit compromise, we can get both Trikkunath seminary & school,as it is built for Jacobites, as the registered wills prove it.

      Bibu Philip Matthew; BE
      Vayaliparambil, Pynadath
      Member Id # 0074
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