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80Festival Of Ascension Of St. Mary.

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Aug 14, 2001
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      ..... The classical type of the Dormition in orthodox ikonography is
      habitually limited to representing the Mother of God lying on Her
      deathbed, in the midst of the Apostles, and Christ in glory receiving
      in His arms the soul of His Mother. According to the Tradition, all
      the apostles except Thomas were present at the funeral of the Virgin.
      When he arrived he was taken to the tomb which then found to be
      empty. The Ikonography usually does not depict any element of her
      resurrection. However, sometimes there has been a desire to show
      equally the moment of the bodily assumption: one then sees, at the
      top of the ikon, above the scene of the Dormition, the Mother of God
      seated on a throne in the mandorla that angels are carrying towards
      the heavens. The depiction of the Theotokos enthroned with Christ as
      co-redemptrix is not a part of the Orthodox Tradition. The multitude
      of angels present at the Dormition ...forms an outer border around
      the mandorla of Christ. The episode of Antonios, a fanatic who had
      both hands cut off by the sword of an angel, for trying to disrupt
      the funeral of the Mother of God, has his hands about to be restored
      by the apostles.....

      To view the Icons and understand more about Orthodox faith of
      Dormition please visit:- http://www.sspeterpaul.org/dormition.htm