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7905Re: Dear Mary: Not All People in the IOC Are Devils

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  • Mathews Varghese
    Mar 1, 2006
      Dear Mr. Thomas Varghese,

      I would like to humbly differ to some of your arguments. The
      circumstances you bringing here is over simplification of an age old
      and complex issue. There are genuine people, pious and selfless,
      from both sides of this issue passionately argue for their case, not
      because of any malice or self gratification, but because legitimate
      concern for our/their church and its well being. There are
      historical, cultural and, unfortunately, personal reasons exist
      today for the legal chaos we are in today. Nobody is proud of this
      situation. This is not the making of few individuals, but grown
      over generations or centuries. The solutions, therefore, may take
      its own course and who knows, may make take generations. Be patient
      and kind, whoever may be on the other side.

      Mathew Varghese (Yemwe)
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