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777Kallapara Achen & Babu Paul IAS

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  • Jacob George Jacob
    Jun 9, 2002
      A few days back i have read a mail by Babu Paul calling
      Fr.Kallappara Achen "as Kallapara, a village priest with
      SSLC & TTC".

      I am very sad that a person of such a great knowledge like
      Babu Paul, who himself claims, "My postings are , have always
      been, in the hands of God; that is why even today 2 years
      after retirement I am being used by God." (Posting in SOCM
      forum dated, Thu, 6 Jun 2002 17:17:41 +0530, write articles
      like this. I don't know whether God has given him special
      permission to post articles like this in an Internet forum.
      May be he responded so cheaply because of his human nature.

      Anyhow it will good to read what this Kallapara Achen
      (SSLC & TTC in the words of Babu Paul IAS)wrote about Babu Paul
      in the book "Keralathile kraisthava Sabakal, Oru Padanam"
      (Page 17) published in 1994 by Achen himself. In this book
      Kallappara Achen had only praised this Babu Paul IAS
      (in a special section).

      Now compare the languages & the standards of Babu Paul who
      termed Kallapara Achen as a “village priest with SSLC & TTC”,
      with that of the Kallapara Achen who termed Babu Paul as a
      great person in that book.

      Who is of high standard ? Is that the Babu Paul who have
      tons of degrees but using indecent languages to criticize others
      and thereby expressing his unwillingness to accept the general
      feelings of the common man --- OR ---- is that this
      “village Priest” (in Babu Paul IAS’s words) who termed this
      Babu Paul as a great person ?

      Dear Babu Paul Sir, it will be good if you use words wisely,
      remember once said it couldn’t be taken back unless he is a
      political character.
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