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774Re: Re: Re: [SOCM-FORUM] P C Alexander's nomination for Presidency

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  • madhu george
    Jun 8 6:45 AM
      dear Babu Paul,I thank you for finding time to reply.but its still
      frustrating that you keep people guessing regarding your real
      intentions.you claim you are still close to the Patriarch but yet
      your grouse is against the "church leadership".you claim you are
      still a loyal servant of the church but then wer'ent you
      hobnobbing with the 3 disgraced bishops who were suspended by the
      Patriarch himself.you say that the
      catholicos of the methran faction personally desires peace.what
      have you got to say of the
      catholicos' tacit compliance with the rabid elements of that
      treacherous faction who attempt to close our churches.don't you
      think God will support us against them in this fight?you criticise
      the actions of the church leadership.what's wrong with them.we
      have made our position very clear.we do not want any of their
      properties.why don't they allow us to live in peace?we follow the
      same approach,Abraham followed against Lot.is it
      un-christianly?and when we oppose attempts of certain newspaper
      mafia to elevate P.C.Alexander to the presidency,why should you be
      worried?.his actions all throughout his supposedly distinguished
      career has been akin to hunting with the hound and running with
      the hare.and since they are old habits they will die hard.surely
      we cannot sign our own death warrant.(its preferable to die after
      5 years than sooner).

      On Sat, 01 Jun 2002 "DANIEL
      BABU PAUL" wrote :
      >yesterday i was in a hurry.
      >Reg Kaniamparampil Achan's "experiments with truth" you can ask
      >him; I don't
      >think he would mind. alternatively you can ask Corepiscopa PP
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