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7735Observation of Lent – Criticisms and Certain facts

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  • J Kurien
    Jan 31, 2006
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      (Based on the discussion here - 'Random Thought on Parumala Church')

      Dear All,

      I have come across many Malankara Orthodox people who use each and
      every opportunity to tease us for the relaxations made in the
      observation of Lent in our Church. But are these people who
      criticize us really eligible for it ?. It does not need any closer
      look to find out that most in the opposite group who blames us have
      not even observed any major Lents fully in their life.

      I have a very close relative in my wife’s family belonging to the
      opposite Orthodox group who doesn’t miss a single opportunity to
      tease us on this subject. He always talks great about his Church’s
      practices as if these things are not practiced in any other
      Christian communities (and ignoring the fact that everything they
      have now were borrowed from our Syrian Church). But the strange
      thing is that this same person who criticizes us, break the 50 day
      lent which he is supposed to take, on the night of Good Friday
      itself (not to say much about the other days). From Saturday
      onwards his ‘nombu veedeel’ starts with drinks etc. and that night
      he will be very busy !! On Easter day he won’t even go to the
      Church. But when it comes to a discussion on Lent issue, this person
      will use his entire energy, criticizing and laughing at our former
      Church heads. This attitude is not an isolated one, he represents
      the whole group.

      If you just go to any church during Easter Sunday; you will see a
      very very small congregation attending the H. Mass when compared to
      Good Friday and even Maundy Thursday. Same is the case of Christmas
      Mass. How many people attend the Holy Mass from the very beginning
      every Sunday? Does anyone have thought about all these things? Is it
      because of any relaxation with respect to the Lent on our side ? The
      people these days are more interested in worldly pleasures and the
      first thing that they compromise is the Church rules, this is same
      irrespective of the denominations. In this changed environment the
      role of a good leader is to foresee such a situation and try to
      bring the followers into the right path even with certain
      relaxations and this is only what the Holy Synod has done 50 years
      back. But if still someone does not obey the Church rules, it is not
      because of those who made the rules. Parumala thirumeni taught us
      many things, but how many of the present generation who pray at his
      tomb follows what he preached.

      These days’ people are more interested in criticizing others which
      makes it a great enjoyment for themselves. But are they themselves
      strict about the keeping the rules? The answer is certainly a big

      So it is better to first correct ourselves and then only advise

      J Kurien
      Mepral, Thiruvalla
      Member ID # 2310
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