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773Re: [SOCM-FORUM] P C Alexander's nomination for Presidency

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  • George Varghese
    Jun 8 1:15 AM
      8 June

      Respected Achen,

      ��� I� cannot� agree with you.�� Patriarchal faction alone cannot� be blamed.� The methran kakshi leadership is also� equally responsible for loosing christian spirit in the church.��� Can� you justify the parumala meeting ?� Is� it convened properly� ?�� People loose� their mind when they are totally ignored.


      "Fr. John Kunjukunju" wrote:

      My intention here is only to say Dr Babu Paul, well done. If people with
      sense makes their voice, though there will be problems, things will change
      in the long run. Behind every change there is someone made scapegoat.
      My honest opinion is that present patriarchal faction is the only faction
      who completely lost the Christian spirit....
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