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767Re: [SOCM-FORUM] P C Alexander's & Babu Paul's nominations

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    Jun 6 4:47 AM
      you are factually wrong on history: the Nampadan episode was after the Patriarch left Kerala. I broke the news to Bawa in Bombay.
      PCA was the one who arranged HH's meeting with PM, amidst a busy schedule, finding a few minutes in the Parliament House when Lok Sabha was in session.
      I have no grievance against abnybody waiting on the verandah od Achutanandan's house. My postings are , have always been, in the hands of God; that is why even today 2 years after retirement I am being used by God.
      In Malayalam there is a saying that before killing a dog it should be branded rabid. This is what people have done to me. I have not protested; I just don't care. I say things which I am convinced of. If it irritates people I am sorry. When you say that you cannot forgive PCA you are not being Christian; Christianity is all about forgiveness. Anyway my main point is that it is only total ignorance of the office of the President or total lack of Christian charity which prompts this kind of outburst against a distant possibility of a person WHOSE CHURCH AFFILIATION AND CHURCHRELATED VIEWS WE DO NOT APPROVE OF getting nominated. For all one knows PCA may not make it at all, but for us to stoop so low as we have done as a church is very unchristian.We as a church look like fools in the eyes of people outside the rabid factionalists.
      Teaching is not inferior. My mother was a teacher. What I meant was only that his knowledge can be very limited and his horizon very small.And therefore in him an error like this is pardonable. It would be unpardonable in people like you who are obviously wellversed in history, law, theology ,etc. whatever be your field of specialisation.
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      About Babu Paul’s response to P C Alexander’s nomination & Kallapara Achen.



      Dear  Babu Paul Sir,  


      It will be good if you can spend some time to realise the facts.  All who is truthful to the Church knows that, what forced the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christians to object the nomination of P C Alexander to the president-ship.   You too know the facts, which you have expressed in PRIVATE Conversations (though you may deny now) to top leaders in our Church when you were in the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church.


      In 1982, on the eve of the Patriarch’s visit to Malankara, there was a great pressure on the then Indian Government to disallow His Holiness’s visit...

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