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758Re: [SOCM-FORUM] P C Alexander's nomination for Presidency

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  • sabu thomas
    May 31, 2002

      Dear Mr... Babu Paul,

      I read your opinion about the issue of president election� in India. You said you wrote it by the inspiration of Holy Spirit, I should say it was not�, because� (1)�I� never heard the Holy� spirit interested in politics, (2) Y you called Rev.Fr. Varghese Kallappara� just "Kallappara" What you think you are above Patriarch? Even if� Fr.Kallappara&nI don'ts your friend you must call him "Achen" You are only a layman like� other people , you are not suppose to call a Achen like that. Idon't think nobody called your father� just "Cheerathottam" . You also mentioned few names who went otherside. Who cares? It didn't affect the Holy Church, This Church not depends upon� the IAS or Doctarte, Its stand on the faith of innocent people�. If you want go to the other fraction ? you can go, anybody hold you? It is better than the spy work.� It is so happy to hear ,your relative Fr. Poulose� Peter went other�group he was a headace of Arch Diocese .He keeping his family tradition like his father ,changing churches(his father was a Priest who went to� "Malankara Reeth" ) This is enough for your knowloge. Give respect and take respect.



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