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  • mfignatius
    May 20, 2002

      Permit me to rebuke you. Do not call these people "clowns," whether
      or not they deserve such a title.

      They have chosen to exit the Oriental Orthodox community and the body
      of Christ. Let them be.

      Rather, we should each dwell on our own sins, and worry about these
      first. Let their actions speak for themselves, and let ours speak
      for ourselves.

      I know it is easy to get frustrated when we see apostacy and
      misinformation dance before our eyes, but do your best not to let it
      get the best of you.

      Maybe your comment was in good fun and I perceived it incorrectly,
      but I think this message can apply to us all.

      I think we can educate people like Liba better about the Oriental
      Orthodox Christian faith without calling them names, even if they
      call us names.

      In Christ,

      From the desk of the Moderator.

      The mentioned word was edited during the posting of the message.
      Unfortunately due to some net technical problems it appeared in
      the posting. We apologise for the pain caused to the members and
      the readers.
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