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7274The late Fr. V C Samuel's change of loyalty

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  • Manoj George
    Oct 27, 2005
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      Dear All,

      For sometime now I have been trying to learn the reasons behind the late Fr. V. C. Samuel's change of loyalty. I have heard about this from my grandfather who was a student at Manjanikkara Dayara in the 1950's and was ordained a Kassisso in 1956. His version was as follows...

      After Fr. V C Samuel was ordained a priest and was appointed a vicar (I am unable to recall the name of the church ), he suddenly had a desire to get married. He was ordained as a 'Dayara Pattakkaran'. Mor Yulios Elias of blessed memory, who was very strict in church canons and traditions did not permit this. This was why he rebelled against Yulios Bava and was welcomed into the IOC. At that time (and even now) a scholar like V C Samuel Achen coming into their fold was considered a great achievement for the IOC's. He got married then and even had a son. But during his last days he was staying with an adopted daughter in Bangalore and I have had the opportunity to visit him twice along with my grandfather.

      But recently while I was reading a book written about Mor Augen, the author has mentioned that in 1938 the court asked us to provide the Kalpana wherein the deposition of Mor Abdul Messaiah was declared to the church. Since such a Kalpana was not available, Mor Yulios Bava fabricated such a kalpana in Manjanikkara and provided the same to the court. The late Fr. V C Samuel, who was a witness for this incident, could not accept such an action from Mor Yulios Bava and this made him change his loyalty!!!

      Please I do request the learned members of this Forum to throw some light on this incident.

      Best Regards
      Manoj George
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