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  • SOCM News Bureau
    Oct 8 11:16 AM
      The pathetic story of Esther and her sisters of Mulanthuruthi is really heartbreaking. The Mathrubhumi yesterday reported the death of Esther, who died due to sickness and of malnutrition, should pose as a question mark on the Christina society.

      The one acre land with a house and around 3 acres of coconut and rubber plantation were in no way supported the life of Esther and her sisters Chinnamma teacher and Mary. The present cost of the land alone will be around 2 crores. However, it was reported that their brother Thampi was so cruel that he didn�t even allowed the sisters to get married and were beating them. He never allowed any other people to enter into their property.

      Esther was found dead on Thursday in her room and after her burial in Mulanthuruthi Marthoman Church, the sisters are now got admitted in a nearby hospital. �We didn�t eat anything for days. My Father made our house with rooms for every child, but fate was so cruel to us, and we couldn�t live there peacefully�, a weeping Mary told the crowd assembled at the funeral service. She showed the marks of beating on her body as well, inflicted by her brother Thampi.

      �Nobody was coming to our house due to Thampi�s cruelty. We were longing to see some people at some times.� Mary told the public. �For the last ten year we didn�t gone out of our house.�

      Chinnamma was a school teacher and her pension of Rs. 2,000/- was the only income for them. She was a Sunday school teacher as well. Her present condition is very pathetic as due to long period of poverty, she is bedridden and couldn�t even recognize any people.

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