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7125Stand and serve for the World Peace

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  • Paul Ciniraj, Chairman
    Oct 6, 2005
      I introduce an organisation serving for the world peace, religious
      harmony, unity of the nations, war on terrorism etc. by the
      charities of helping poor children, widows, disabled, blind, deaf
      and dumb, mentally retard, old aged for their education, medical
      assistance, pulling out from the starvation, employment, shelters

      Visit the website: http://www.baseelia.bravehost.com

      Baseelia Foundation is a registered, non profit, ecumenical charity
      organisation in India, which follows the life and the mission of
      Jesus Christ. Also we greatly appreciate Mahatma Gandhi, Mother
      Teresa, St.Gregorios of Parumala, Yassar Arafat, Pope John Paul II,
      King Fahd, Dalai Lama, Matha Amirtanandamayi and likewise leaders of
      the Love and the Peace. We stand for the World Peace, Religious
      Harmony, Unity among Nations, War on Terrorism etc. through the
      charities, childcare, relief service and agriculture developements.

      Baseelia Foundation helping sick children of the slums and interior
      villages to get proper treatment and bringing them medicaments and
      toys. We assist the poor and needy children for their education as
      supplying notebooks, pens, pencils, geomatrical instrument boxes,
      umbrellas or rain coats, uniforms, school and college bags and other
      materials for the education and one mid day meal for the poor
      students on the class days. Also we'd like to provide a mothly
      scholarship for the poor nursing students as well as university and
      technical students too to complete their studies. We find many
      students discontinue their studies without completion because of
      unable to give fees, unable to meet personal needs and purchase
      study materials.

      We run village schools for the poor children and adult educational
      centers for illiterates; computer schools for the youth and
      tailoring and binding schools for the widows and poor women.

      We feed the poor of those who are suffering of the starvation
      as "One Meal a Day Project" for those who do not even have a
      capacity to get a meal for a day. We supply them medicines and
      clothes too. Also we build and donate houses for the homeless and
      providing jobs for the unemployed.

      We provide artificial legs, walking sticks, wheelchairs, stretchers,
      earphones, braille letter press etc. for the handicapped, disabled,
      blind, deaf and dumb people.

      We visit the prisoners at the jails, having fellowship with them,
      arranging cultural programmes, giving them chances to speakout to
      the public, distributing sweets among them, and teaching them how to

      Baseelia Foundation was the organisation who appointed thousands of
      volunteers in co-operation with some other societies to give proper
      guidance to the people of Kerala for taking the family health
      insurance. In that way we could have had given job to many of the
      unemployed youth. And we were contnuously asking to undertake this
      project by the government. We're so glad that it has been taken by
      the Government of Kerala and decided to give free insurance to all
      the people of Kerala who are at the Below Poverty Line.

      We'd like to establish mobile dispensaries for the slums, interior
      villages and hill places as well as for the places where the
      accidents, disasters, natural calamities, contageous diseases may
      occur. Also we wish to establish Rehabilitation Centers for the
      addicted, and the Juvenile Homes for the children who are having
      criminal background under 18 years of age.


      1. Proper medical assistance for the sick children of the slums and
      interior villages and orphans.
      2. Basic medical cares for the poor and needy people including both
      male and female.
      3. Psychological comfort for them.
      4. Rehabiltation of the addicted as well as handicapped, mentally
      retard, blind, deaf and dumb people (specially old people).
      5. Orphanages for the children.
      6. Juvanile Homes for the children who are having criminal
      background under 18 years of age.
      7. To provide best automation for them.
      8. To provide food, clothing for them.
      9. To give programmes for recreation.
      10. Reforestation of the surrounding areas.
      11.To provide them job facility for learning and to earn.
      12.To train people in hospitality management.
      13.To give education for the poor children in the villages and
      illiterate adults.
      14.Special care for bed ridden people.
      15.To reach immediate medical aids to the hilly places, slums,
      interior villages or the places where accidents, disasters,
      contageous diseases may occur.
      16. To remove starvation
      17.To help the poor students to complete their education.
      18.To provide shelters for all of the homeless people.
      19. To give maximum care for the Cancer patients
      20.To build "Peace Villages" in every states in India as per the
      vision of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders of
      the love and the peace.
      Paul Ciniraj, Chairman,
      Baseelia Foundation (for Charities).
      Member ID # 1056
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