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  • thomas_pa1@yahoo.com
    Feb 6, 2001
      All the divisions we have in Malankara is not in the
      name of True Faith or Christ. It is merely based on
      human emotions. There is nothing wrong if all Malankara
      Christians remain united and work in India in a united
      manner. In fact this is what Christ wanted when he
      sent an Apostle to India. The world will not end if
      we are united. Infact there will be much joy in heaven
      and great peace in our families if we can unite.

      If all members practise few things below, true
      unity and everlasting peace can be achieved among
      Malankara Nazrani community.

      1) understand the true faith as it was taught
      by the Coptic Orthodox Church to rest of the Christendom.
      2) don't be ashamed of the Indian identity. God created
      Indians just like he created Syrians.
      3) follow the path of Christ

      In the newly formed country of Eritrea, when their
      Church wanted to exist in Eritrea, they approached
      the Coptic Patriarch. The Coptic Patriarch created
      the Patriarchate of Eritrea and appointed Philipose 1
      the first Patriarch of Eritrean Church. This happened
      two years ago. In India the Malankara Nazarani
      community have an identity, it is an Apostolic Church
      founded by St. Thomas.

      The division was very costly for the community, many
      people left the Church because of this. Who is accountable
      for all these?

      In Christ