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6975Recognition of IOC in world bodies

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  • Dn. Zach Varghese
    Sep 5, 2005
      Dear Respected Members,

      Recently I read this post on an IOC forum:


      >Our Church has been recognized by all world Christian
      >denominations -- Roman Catholic, Protestants, the
      >Eastern and the Oriental Orthodox Churches -- along
      >with the World Council of Churches -- as an
      >independent, indigenous, autocephalous Church.

      This was posted by a priest with the rank of Chorepiscopus.

      I am wondering how this can be possible since our Patriarch does not
      recognize the IOC as independent. I am almost positive that the
      Coptic Church does not officially recognize the IOC as autocephalous.

      I am aware that the IOC is active in world Christian bodies, but how
      do those bodies see the IOC?

      Can anyone clarify the issue?

      Of course, just because some Christians who may not know the
      hierarchical development of the IOC might accept the IOC's bishopric
      at face value, it does not mean that legitimacy exists.

      P.S. In a recent post I wrote to Matthew T., a clarification of my
      own is in order. I wrote that Mor Vatterseril was active ca. 1850s.
      Actually, he was born in the 1850s and caused trouble in the church
      in the early 1900s. HH Abdul Mashih was deposed around this time and
      Mor Vatterseril was "elevated" by him after he was deposed. I believe
      this is widely understood by many members of this forum. Please
      forgive the mistake and pray for me. Thanks to Mike W. for bringing
      this to my attention.

      Dn. Zach Varghese
      ID 0970