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662Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Respected Priests of Jacobite Syrian Church

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  • joshy
    Apr 17, 2002
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      Dear Members,
      If we debate on this issue of justice and fairness, we can do it for another 50 years. In every Orthodox Christian heart there is an intense desire for peace and progress. With our good Lord's grace our community is very affluent and educated class.  Is it not the  time for us to look at these resources and go for a peaceful settlement? If we desire it will never be a surrender but a  victory in Christ. Let our church be house of Lord . If our leaderships can show some tolerance we can win a lot of good things for the coming generation. Please do not allow our church to be political play ground for all rotten political parties; it is place to worship the most high. Let us win the support of God through prayers.
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