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  • Mathew G M
    Jul 2, 2005
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      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Rev. Dn. Gregory Varghese wrote:
      > I have one question, and I ask this with all due respect. In order
      for the IOC members to be accepted into the Universal Syriac Orthodox
      Church, do you expect us to be re-consecrated with Holy Myron? If
      this is the case, why don't you just make it impossible for us to
      come back to the church (Or is requiring us to be re-consecrated just
      another way of saying this?)?

      Dear moderator & Respected Deacon Gregory,

      There are two types of opponents to the church:

      a. Heretic - Those who propound and hold onto a faith (Heresy) that is different from that of the church.

      b. Schismatic - Those who cannot accept the authority of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the church. They may have the same faith as that of the church, but their unwillingness to obey authority, makes them opponents or enemies of the church.

      The SOC does not consider your church as a heretical church. It is however a schismatic church, since it refuses to accept the spiritual and/or ecclesiastical authority of the Church, the Patriarch of Antioch.

      The procedure for acceptance into the church for a heretic is different from that of a schismatic. If a schismatic desires to return to the SOC, all he needs to do is to pledge his allegiance to the ecclesiastical authority of the SOC. Re-baptism or re-chrismation is not required.

      However if a heretic (say a CSI or Petecostal) desires to return chrismation is required.

      This is just what I know. I could very well be wrong.

      Mathew G M
      Member ID # 0929
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