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6363Milithios to be appointed in Thrikkunathu ?

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  • T M Chacko
    Jun 1, 2005
      As per the news coming from certain Methran Kakshi sources, their Catholicose designate Mar Thimotheos has asked Mannaraprayil Corepiscopa of Thrikkunnathu to pass on the administrative charges to bishop Pachomios. Also it is heard that Yuhonon Milithios (Thrissur) who switched sides to Methran faction in 1996, is to be appointed as Assistant bishop of Angamaly. The faction leadership is said to be greatly worried over the ugly scenes that happened during their last managing committee meeting in which their secretary Alexander karakkal and a few deacons were beaten by those people who opposed Pachamios.

      In effect, if these changes happens, Milithios will become the sole authority of the properties of our Thrikkunnathu seminary which had been forcibly taken from us through backdoor dramas in 1970’s. (In the Thrikkunnathu church we still have a strength of about 220 families, whereas Methran faction have the support of less than 12 families. Also, almost all the Methran Kakshi families there are migrants from their southern dioceses who were allotted membership in that church by Bishop Theophilos and Mannaraprayil achen in the 1960-70 periods. Inspite of the support of only a very small group, Mannaraprayil Achen is still continuing there on the basis of a statusquo order issued to him by the court.)

      Now Methran Kakshi faction is thinking of appointing Milithios as their diocesan bishop on their belief that he being a manipulator and fighter, could bring this largest Malankara diocese under their fold. Also they want to sideline Mannaraprayil corepiscopa who is now emerging as a great threat for a section of their leadership. For overcoming all these hurdles Methran Kakshi leadership thinks it is better to give charge of the diocese to Bishop Milithios who is well known for his aggressiveness. They also believe that Milithios will be successful where their late bishop Philipose Theophilos failed.

      But there are others in that faction who oppose this idea saying that if Milithios, whose image as a bishop has fallen far below than anything, is to be appointed for Angamaly, then there are chances for them to loose the rest of their few members in the diocese as well. What these fellows who oppose Milithios points out is the bad experience their church had experienced 3 years back when their Catholicose tried to forcibly enter the famous Manaracad Church. Allegations are still there that it is Milithios who mislead their Catholicose then. The fight between Manorama and Milithios intensified from this point of time which is continuing even now.

      T M Chacko
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