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636Re: [SOCM-FORUM] FW: Noble cause

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  • dipu george
    Apr 9, 2002

      shlomo ,

      it seems paulo is not aware of the first three synods .

      or are we seeing the inner� designs of paulo in this matter.

      perhaps we at soc forum should educate paulo regarding the antiquity and supremacy of our patriach in christendom.

      the roman catholic church has itself acknowledged the antiquity of the syrian orthodx church� in its calendar .so where does the reunion UNDER� the roman pope lie?????

      as�� long as the� roman catholic church doesnt revret back to the henophysite view of the trinity� i doubt whether such reunion( perhaps another universal synod could be held then) is ever possible.

      the roman pope has never apologised for the division of the malankara church also nor for the infamous inquisitions at goa� so far.

      though we respect the roman pope� , paulo please keep in mind that our patriach is equal in supremacy along with the coptic pope� with the roman pope� because we three belong to the churches founded by st peter himself .

      i suggest u read the drafts of the three synods held at nicea , constantinople and ephesus before writing such crap

      aloho ahmuch

      dipu george

      "V Thomas"@... wrote:

      Dear brother
      Our Patriarch HH Zakka I has met� Pope and we have already come
      to many understanding in the matter of �worship etc.They have made
      a joint communique. We leave such eccleasiastical matters with
      Unlike in middle east we were persecuted by Jesuits and the Portugese
      govt� The Roman catholic church was seperated� from us, by these
      Jesuit fanatics......
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