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634RE: [SOCM-FORUM] FW: Noble cause

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  • Paolo Guanco
    Apr 9, 2002
      Dear brother in St. Peter,
      I will make it clear to you my dear Syrian brothers, I am not advocating Roman supremacy. In truth, I abhor the way most Latin catholics treat easterners  as inferior to latins. The Jesuits in the past  are fanatical to the point of believing that the only valid form of Christianity is the Latin type. But they are not the most fanatic, there were the Dominicans of the Inquisition who did more horrible things to other Christians.  There are still many Roman Catholics who think this way and I have been striving to change this way of thinking in line with the Pope's wishes. Healing the wound of the past is a long and difficult task, I appeal to all my Syrian Brothers to help heal the wound.
       Within the Catholic communion, there has been a problem of Rome controlling every aspect in the affairs of the supposedly Sui Iuris eastern catholic churches. I had always been an advocate of greater autonomy of eastern churches from Rome.
      With regards to the Syrian Orthodox Church, reunion might not be the right word. I used a bad choice of words, what I really mean is in the line of full communion between the two churches. In your opinion as a Syrian Orthodox, what is the best setup for the restoration of full communion between our two churches?
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      Dear brother
      Our Patriarch HH Zakka I has met  Pope and we have already come
      to many understanding in the matter of  worship etc.....
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