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633Re: FW: Noble cause

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  • thomas_pa1
    Apr 9, 2002
      Orthodox Faith can be read here:

      Fr. Markos:

      - Thomas

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., "Paolo Guanco" <pmguanco@p...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I greatly appreciate your respect towards my church and my
      patriarch. As we
      > all know, the relations between the catholic Church and several
      > churches are warming up. In the Oriental Churches, the Assyrian
      Church and
      > the Armenian Church are enjoying good relations with Rome, So with
      the Greek
      > Orthodox Church in the west. As relations grow better, may I ask you
      in the
      > Syrian Church of your opinion on this matter and the issue of
      > reunion with Rome. How do most of your church members feel towards
      > "Catholic Communion" in general (including Syrian, Malabar and
      > Catholics) and to the Roman (Latin) Catholic Church in particular?
      > Paolo
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