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  • V Thomas
    Apr 9, 2002
      Dear brother
      Our Patriarch HH Zakka I has met  Pope and we have already come
      to many understanding in the matter of  worship etc.They have made
      a joint communique. We leave such eccleasiastical matters with
      Unlike in middle east we were persecuted by Jesuits and the Portugese
      govt  The Roman catholic church was seperated  from us, by these
      Jesuit fanatics.Now world has changed and so all this 
      understanding and going together is .OK,but for that using the word
      reunion is meaningless.We do not accept any roman supremacy for that matter.
      With the rapid growth of science and awakening of other religions like Hinduism
      Isalm etc.we shall try to correct ourself and set as example.
      If you are still in the world of  establishing papal supremacy-you are  just dreaming.
      (After centuaries of persecuting fellow christains,since one pope expressed
      sorrow that will not qualify pope to be universal head of christains.
      When fellow orthodox christians were killed in Turkey Roman church.
      kept quite.)
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      I greatly appreciate your respect towards my church and my patriarch. As we all know, the relations between the catholic Church and several eastern churches are warming up. In the Oriental Churches.......
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