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59A Party called Prayer Meeting.

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jul 10, 2001
      Dear all,

      Narrating a story, I am sure many of today's Orthodox Christians
      Can identify with...

      A Person went to a prayer meeting in a house where someone had died.
      There he expected to see people consoling the grieved family; instead
      he saw them cracking jokes, having fun needling each other. The
      elders were engrossed in seemingly serious discussions involving
      church politics. The youngsters were having a reunion party. After a
      long time, someone initiated some songs, there was the reciting of
      the written prayers at the speed of light by the Achen (Priest) and
      all, incense was placed and benediction was given - all in a span of
      sweet twenty minutes! Then the social get together continued. The
      discussions ranged from a car bought by someone, a house on sale and
      the newest fashion in town. All were called to dinner, all had their
      fill, thanked the family and left after an enjoyable evening.

      I heard that the family started preparation for this prayer meeting
      early in the morning, since they heard about the death late the
      previous night; and they had to work tidying up till late that night.
      The next day there were complaints that some people were not invited
      for the party...oops ..the prayer meeting! In the good old days
      people used to come themselves after hearing that someone in a family
      had passed away.

      Friends, with the picture painted in the above story, which for many
      of us is a sad reality, if we try to find the reasons for the
      problems in our church today and for people moving elsewhere in
      search of God - (a good number of these issues we have been
      discussing on this forum) - we might get some answers.

      Mathew, Vashi , New Bombay