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5818An American Rant - part 3

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  • Paul Reji
    Jan 29, 2005
      My boss told me, he was exposed to drug ( pot) when he was in 6th grade. This was some 30 years back. Imagine the situation now. Most of our kids are exposed to some kind of addiction much before we all imagine.

      Yesterday a 4th grade student recovered $100,000 from an elemetry schoo premises which was drug money.

      What is worrying is children are exposed to smoke, drink, drugs, and sex at a very young age before they realize what they are getting into. What causes this ?

      1) Parents have no power over thier kids. It is not power to punish. But power to influence and guide. This needs time, patience and love.When you are greedy for money, who cares all this?

      2) Christian upbringing. Strong fear of Lord will prevent kids from sayinng no to all this. But 90% of homes have no prayers of any kind.

      3) Bringing up kids is a big commitment and lot of labour. Many couples go into marriage with out realizing this and want to escape. But kids will suffer.

      4) TV. people stopped parying ever since TV became popular. All the shows are injecting some message "it is ok not to pray".

      There could be other things we could do, to escape from this mess. I am not sure USA can be Chritian country ever.

      Holy Bible is full of incidences when Isralites had wealth, they forgot God and suffered.

      It is in this context that President George Bush won the election. Many people in Gulf and India asked me how could this happen. Some here realize that there is a Moral issue here. and "Bush promised some fix to it. And people voted for him.

      But sad part is with in a generation who is about 50's now, this defence could be gone too. Let us pray for Lord's work on this.

      Let us all work for bringing awareness of basic Christian principles for into our kids. There is a saying in Mal that good characher is better than 1000 karat Gold. In modern world it could a good character child is better than million doller or a big home ...


      Paul Reji
      ST. Ignatious SOC
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