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5817Do not demolish a beautiful Church.

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    Jan 31, 2005
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      A mystery of Curse of Saints is under evaluation and a similar one is being raised up.

      As the fumes are on about the re-construction of Parumala Pally and the visible signs of Curses falling upon the IOC, another old Jacobite church made holy by St. Parumala Kochuthirumeni is being re-constructed.

      The committee and vicar of St: Thomas Jacobite Church South Mazhuvannor, a 200+ years old beautiful church decided to demolish the existing church and build another one. This church located at south Mazhuvannoor in Ernakulam distrct is very old beautiful church.

      Due to a postive cash flow thru "perunnals" for so many years, there is a huge reserve in this church. The c'mittee with vicar, want to spent this. their excuse is that there is not enough room for the faithfuls to attend the H. Qurbana.

      Dmolishing (will cost couple of lakhs) and building anther one is not the solution for not having enough room. There can be two Qurbana on Sundays. Or the church can be extended to both sides. Or leave the grand old church alone and build another one not very far from the old one.

      I was told that they spent 2 lakhs plus for the "Kallideel" cermony. I think, that was little on the irresponsible side on the officials. Is this project is initiated to feed some one's ego???. Or is there a hidden agenda behind it?.

      If you have money, i believe, it could be spent in a better pleasing way to God. Education, health care, and even helping poor girls financialy to get married.

      I hope and pray, some one will see the wisdom of leaving the mighty old church alone. St: Thomas Jacobite Church South Mazhuvannor was the base of Parumala Kochuthirumeni for a good span of time. This church and the adjoining buildings are made holy by his foot-prints. Also, the church celebrate November2nd as their perunnal.

      This very beautiful church is going to loose the spiritual, sentimental, cultural and archeological and orthodox values very soon. And the tranquility of the site is challenged.

      Is there anyone who cares for this?
      Will we hear another cry of Kochuthirumeni's Curse soon?

      Readers, please, give your views and thaughts on this subject.

      with prayers

      A SOCM Member
      St: Thomas Jacobite Church
      South Mazhuvannor.

      Dear moderators:
      I am a member of the above referenced St: Thomas Church. Please with hold my identity for obvious reasons. Photo of the church is attached.
      From the desk of the moderators:
      To view the photograph of St: Thomas Jacobite Church, South Mazhuvannor, please visit our photo gallery in MSN.
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