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5811Matrimonial Digest / 0044-05

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    Jan 24, 2005
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      Matrimonial Digest / 0044-05

      Dear members

      We Moderators do not take or assume any responsibility for the
      particulars given by the advertiser. Concerned parties are
      encouraged to verify the particulars.

      As per the request of some advertisers we withheld the contact
      details and will forward any reply to the advertiser for further
      personal contact.

      Please read the successful stories of the matrimonial advertisement
      in the SOCM forum at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCM-

      Matrimonial; Code # 021/04

      Looking for a good boy computer professional/engineer from a middle
      class family from kerala preferably cochin orthodox/jacobite aged
      over 28 for our second daughter aged 27 MCA slim good looking.
      interested persons may wish to contact at george_kunju@...
      giving the details with code # MP-021/04.

      Matrimonial; Code # 020/04

      JacobiteChristian parents settled in Canada invite proposals for
      their daughter, 27 years old, fair, slim 5;5''tall with very high
      moral value.
      she is working after finishing masters in chemical engineering.
      are invited from parents of well educated boys from any christian
      denomination in North America. Please e-mail thomekurian@...
      giving the details with code # MP-020/04.

      Matrimonial; Code # 019/04

      Jacobite parents from angamally diocese seeking alliance for their
      daughter 30 yrs, height 5.6''. postgraduate teacher in a public
      school near angamally. Born and brought up outside kerala. The
      proposals are invited from middle class families. The boy should be
      God fearing educated & employed.

      Please contact on mcsm53@... giving the details with code
      # MP-019/04.

      Matrimonial; Code # 017/04

      Suitable alliance is invited for a jacobite deacon,age 31, 5ft 5inch
      B.A.,B.Ed.,B.D., M.Th., at present doing research work in university
      of Toronto, canada)teaching in the seminary. family background:
      father, senior corepiscopa in the church.mother house wife. one
      elder sister, lecturer, got married and one younger brother advocate.

      for more information, mail to me kjpunnachalil@... or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-017/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 016/04

      Suitable alliance invited for a God fearing Jacobite boy, B.E.
      (Electrical & Electronics), 26, presently employed in Bangalore as
      Electrical Engineer in a Consultancy firm. The boy hails from a
      well-known family at Kumarakom, Kottayam. His father is a retired
      KSEB Sub Engineer, mother is Govt. UP school headmistress and got
      one younger sister, who is married. The girl should be God fearing,
      caring, having good manners and preferably employed (In India or
      abroad). Interested parties may please contact the boy's uncle at
      monthiruvanchoor@... or moderator_socm@... with code
      # MP-016/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 015/04
      Suitable alliance invited from Jacobite parents for a Jacobite girl
      23 years /157 cm, God-fearing (Education :M.Sc in Electronics).

      Please respond to pvvarughese@... or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-015/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 014/04

      Retired PWD Contractor's family (Jacobite, Middle Class, Ernakulam
      District)invites suitable proposal from middle class Jacobite
      parents of God fearing girls under 28, 5'1', 48 Kg, employed or
      qualified to be employed (prefer teachers or lecturers) in or around
      Ernakulam Dist. She has to look after home affairs as the brother
      and sister of the boy to be working overseas.

      Their son (32, 5'3" 55 Kg) is a Vet. surgeon in Kerala Government
      Service, posted within few kilometers from home, fair, clean habits,
      soft spoken, thin built and God fearing.

      His has an elder brother and younger sister, both married.

      Genuine enquiries may be posted to varkod@... or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-014/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 013/04

      Jacobite parents from Ernakulam Dt.invites proposals to her
      daughter, who is presently working at Bangalore. Educated and
      employed Jacobite youths working at Bangalore are preferred. The
      proposals to be made from middle class family. The boy should be God
      fearing. The girl is 25 yrs of old, 5.3". She had Completed
      B.Sc.maths and have GNIIT, (3 yr computer diploma)course Certificate)
      Please respond to eldhoshimmy@...> or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-013/04

      Matrimonial; code # 012/04

      Proposals invited from parents of god fearing BSc nurses for a
      handsome Jacobite boy, hailing from Kolencherry, 29/168 Graduate,
      only son, working as Marketing Executive for a reputed Co. in
      Kuwait, active in church matters and having family visa status. He
      has two sisters and both of them are well settled. The girl will
      have good job prospects in Kuwait.

      Interested please respond to:yeljoseph@... or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-012/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 011/04

      Suitable alliance invited from Jacobite parents for a Jacobite girl
      (24 years/161 cm),fair,smart and God-fearing,B-tech with MBA,working
      in a leading firm in Techno-Park,Trivandrum.

      Please respond to thomasvt@... or moderator_socm@...
      with code #

      Matrimonial; Code # 009/04

      Jacobite Parents from Perumany, 7 km from Perumbavoor (Angamali
      Diocese)invites proposals for their son working in Dammam, Saudi
      Arabia as Project Co-ordinator. Proposals to be from Middle Class
      family. The girl should be God fearing and fair.

      Please respond to aliyasissac@... or
      moderator_socm@... with
      code # MP-009/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 006/04
      Jacobite Parents from Kottayam Diocese invites proposals for their
      second son
      PDC/30/168 working in MRF kottayam. Father doing business in
      Kottayam. Mother
      Gazzetted officer in govt.One elder brother married(Working) and
      younger sister
      studying.Graduates in any discipline or diploma holders in Nursing

      Please respond to moderator_socm@... with code # MP-006/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 004/04

      Jacobite parents from Ernakulam Dt.invites proposals to their son.
      The boy is 30 yrs.old 5' 8". He is very handsome, brilliant(MA Rank
      Holder), God fearing Altar Boy), presently working with a leading
      news daily at Ernakulam Dt. Proposals to be from Middle Class
      family. The girl should be God fearing and
      fair. Nurses working abroad are prefered.

      Please respond to moderator_socm@... with code # MP-004/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 003/04

      Jacobite parents from Kottayam invite proposals for their daughter,
      divorcee with one girl child,)39 yrs.5'3", Home Science Graduate,
      mediumcomplexion, very Home loving and God fearing, from JACOBITE
      Widowers/ Divorcees of 40 to 45 age group, well settled in life in
      India or abroad, with clean habits, positive attitude towards life
      and home loving.

      Please respond to moderator_socm@... with code # MP-003/04
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