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  • Moderators-SOCM Forum
    Oct 30, 2004


      Dear Patrons, Members, Readers and Well-wishers

      If God permits, we are planning to come on-line on WWW with an electronic, multi-lingual spiritual publication by and for the Universal Syriac Orthodox Christians who are now scattered all over the globe, speaking several languages to unite all of them under one flag.

      Considering it would be a Herculean task for us, it will be predominantly for making out reach HIS words to the unheard, to cover, activities, information on our Holy Church and it's leaders, to convey articles on Bible Studies, activities on the affairs of our Sunday Schools, coordinating various English/Malayalam/ Syriac/Arabic publications of our Church, bringing out the news on the activities of our youth world wide, guidance for them, employment opportunities, messages from the people who have newly converted and joined our Holy Church and those who have returned to the faith after experiencing grave wilderness elsewhere, matrimonial advertisements for our children, obituaries, weddings / baptisms, other special occasion Greeting Section, Streaming Radio & Videos etc........

      We hope this also will be served as an effective media to raise the True Faith and unblemished History of our Church so that no body can play with us any more.

      We solicit your sincere participation with support by your earnest prayers, articles, suggestions and in which ever way you can participate in this holy event on publication.

      Now we also request you to suggest a worthy and catching name for our E-Magazine.

      In Our Lord�s Love