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527Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Syrian Christian

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  • Fr. John Kunjukunju
    Mar 13, 2002
      Dear Reji, Although it says, "this article" there was no article on
      Though it is rightly said that Christianity adopted the tieing if minnu from
      the ancient Hindu tradition, now it is very much a Christian formality.
      Minnu is symbolic of 'Cross.'
      In other words we sing while tieing the knot,
      "Sleebo osos dsaino,
      Sleebo neeso dsokooso,
      Sleebo dbae hu freekeenan,
      Bae koolan mesthabhreenan"
      That is: Cross is good symbol, Cross is victorious flag, Cross saves us, and
      we take pride (or we praise) in Cross.
      Therefore Minnu is abreviated or abridged form of Cross.
      Tieing the knot is solem symbolic assurance that marriage is solomnised by
      the active presence of the redeeimng Cross rather, bride and groom are
      inseparably braided by the Cross which is the only hope of Christians.
      It also means that from that time onwards the husband voluntarily takes up
      the responsibility of protecting and nurturing his wife and that crucified
      Jesus Christ is the true mediator between them, Fr. John KK.

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