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5207Anniversery of Binu who was murdered by T M Varghese

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  • Jacob George Jacob
    Oct 16, 2004
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      Dear friends,

      Recently some in Methran Kakshi are putting forward the murder issue of T M Varghese again. We all knew that they are doing this just to divert from their recent disappointments. Yet we have to explain.

      While raising this murder issue, methran kakshi is trying to totally hide or ignore the circumstances which led to his killing. They never have a slightest botheration for BINU who was murdered 40 days before the killing of T M Varghese by the same Varghese and his gang leader and close friend Elias. The car used to murder Binu was that of T M Varghese himself. Since Binu’s family was poor they or his friends could not proceed with cases as Varghese was an influential fellow. Even after killing Binu in day light, and in the presence of many, T M Varghese moved freely through the place like a typical mafia leader of Bombay; only his friend Elias went hiding, that too for some months only.

      Binu at the time of his death had a one week old baby. Why don’t these IOC guys never talk about this Binu or his child or his poor wife or help them. These IOC people talk only about the born criminal called ‘T M Varghese’ alias ‘Malankara Varghese’ who only received what he has done to many innocents.

      Correct news on Binu’s murder and the subsequent killing of Varghese were well explained in their own newspaper Malayala Manorama. But still IOC faction conveniently ignores this and tries to glorify Malankara Varghese as a saint or a Prophet.

      Who knows when this criminal’s name will be included in their services. It is not very far away, as already the other factions Catholicose has called this born criminal ‘Malankara Varghese’, a Prophet.

      Jacob George
      Arthat, Kunnamkulam