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5130Re: Dr. Babu Paul's Article in Manorama

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  • Dr. D. Babu Paul
    Oct 3, 2004
      Appreciating the good intentions of the members who responded to my article. I would submit the following points.

      1. What was shifted in 1912 was the Tigris Maphrianate. This had been defunct for almost a century or more. It had been dispensed with by a synod. By claiming that Abdul Masih could by himself REVIVE an office abolished by a synod AND TRANSFER it to a different geographical location Devalokam is conceding more powers to the Patriarch than the Orthodox concept of synodical / episcopalcollegium.(Please do not quote this out of context to say that Babu Paul considers A'Masih the true Patriarch; I am not on that issue here.)

      2.If the church here was independent of Antioch at the relevant time viz.1912 the synod here could have done that. Vattasseril Thirumeni, whatever be his other plus or minus points, obviously felt that a Patriarch alone could do this. This compares with the attitude of the Marthoma Church which to this day has not consecrated fresh Mooron; Juhanon Marthoma personally told me once that he would not dare to do it since a Metropolitan can only enhance the quantity, which, he said , is all that all Marthoma Metropolitans had ever
      done. So obviously unless conceded by the Patriarch the church here can not be autocephalous. Now even the Patriarch cannot do it in India unless the Supreme Court agrees! My argument therefore is that by getting the acts done by A'Masih done the Metran Kakshi of early 20th century conceded, may be unintended of course, to Patriarch powers which only Pope claims!

      3.I do not normally enter into arguments on such things, and after the Supreme Court found it honorific it is not necessary to do so either, but the Tigris Throne was never a St. Thomas Throne. So even honorifically that throne should belong to the Malankara Metropolitan and not to the Catholicose.

      I remember that my esteemed Guru Paulos Mor Gregorios was so offended by these points that after I raised it with him in 1982 or so he would not even look at me for more than a decade! It was my good fortune that when I went to call on him after he recovered from the stroke he was very kind and gracious, and we did not take up contentious issues there after in our meetings.

      D. Babu Paul
      St. Peter's Simhasana Church
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