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    Sep 29 4:10 PM
      Fr. M K Kuriakose wrote in the IOC digest: "Babu Paul is repeating the same old theory of defending the mistakes that all Antiochian Patriarchs did inthe past."

      Dear Achen: I believe the mistakes that you are talking about are the following:

      1. Ordaining Mor Vattasserril Divannasius in 1908
      2. Taking away Mor Vattasseril's excommunication in 1931
      3. Ordaining Mor Ougen Catholicose in 1964

      Fr. M.K.K. goes on "If the patriarch was willing to leave the Indian Church on its own, why did he consecrate bishops for the Indian Church? This was the mistake done by all Patriarchs and HH Zakha I repeated it."

      Well..after reading this particular comment I am absolutely sure that the above mentioned are the mistakes done by the Holy Patriarchs. If Vattaserril Thirumeni or Ougen Bava didnt have got ordained from the Apostolic Throne of Antioch, there wouldn't have been any problems in the Indian Church that always had a rich tradition of following the Syrian Orthodox Church liturgies, canon, and cultures. When you get time Fr. M.K.K. should definitely sit down and think where the priesthood that he has was originated from and whom he should be indebted to before making idiotic statements.

      Fr. M.K.K does not stop there..he goes on "Your church leadership knows who is the best qualified priest to become a bishop and you have a democratic setup to elect bishops".

      Wow... Another perfect example of Methran Kakshi who could make it sound like the worst thing they did was the best. Any body who read this would naturally think that the Methran Kakshi has a great democratic procedures in their administration, on the other had SOC has some kind of dictatorship. This is exactly what the Serpent did at the Garden of Eded. I was imagining how it would have been if Jesus Christ had put an ad in the newspaper that he need disciples. He would have gone through a great process in picking twelve from
      may be 10000 fishermen who wanted to be his followers. The applicants would have used all their influence, power, and money to get into the coveted position. Jesus would have had a hard time in picking the right one. I am surprised that Fr.M.K.K. is proud enough to talk about the democratic way of electing Bishop-designates. I think Fr.M.K.K. may not have seen the flyers that the applicants (Very Venerable Priests) used with the request to vote for them through Malayala Manorama and other medias in the recent Bishop-designate elections. Fr.M.K.K. might not be aware that most of the applicants did use mad influence, both political and financial, to get the maximum votes. Fr.M.K.K. let me tell you this.. IT WAS SUCH AN EMBARASSEMENT TO THE WHOLE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.
      Fr. M.K.K. - "There is no way for Indian Church to escape the curse of the Patriarchs unless it severs complete relationship with the patriarch by removing his name from the constitution and be an independent Church."

      There you go. That sounds like a great idea. So, you are scared about the curse that you could get by agonizing our Holy Fathers? Well..atleast it is good that you are aware of that inside your heart. Let me ask you one question? Do you think that you could just be an independent Church just by removing the H.H. Patriarch's name from your constitution? Are you still going to use the name Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (It was Malankara Syrian Orthodox all the time until it was changed recently by the cunning
      twisters of the Methran Kakshi. Methran Kakshi theologian Poulose Mor Gregorios always was against the usage of Malankara Othodox Syrian Church, and he believed that the new name never made sense). Why do you need 'SYRIAN' with your name if you are going to be an independent church? Are you going to burn all the Syriac liturgy books and vestments? Are you going to quit using all the prayers of St. Ephrem and other Holy Fathers and start writing your own? Are you going to select Indian Style new vestments to your Bava, Bishops, and Priests. (Mund and Jubba would be a great choice...don't forget Kaavi color). Are you going to stop teaching Syriac in your Seminaries? If you do not need a Syrian Connection and want to be an independent church, how in the world would you justify the usage of the name Baselius for your Catholicose? I could give you suggestions...may be Kuttappan Mathews II, or Thangappan Mathews II. Well, it is not a joke...I am trying to help you out with suggestions for your total indianization. To be totally independent Indian Church, you definitely have to give up all your Syrian traditions and cultures and start from scratch. If you want to prove to the World that there is atleast a small amount of truth in your claims about Independent, and autocephalous Church, you would have to do atleast to show it to the World. You should prove it that you do not need any Syrian connection. Absolutely
      nothing. In that case how could you call yourself as Orthodox Church??? What kind of Orthodoxy do you follow and how old is your Orthodoxy?

      Fr. M.K.K - "If Babu Paul is trying to say that the Patriarch "was not interested in power (authority)" it is simple lie. All patriarchs tried this. HH Zachaa I also did the same mistake. "

      Yo..man, look at this. Fr. M.K.K. Can you please answer me a question? WHO FILED THE CASE IN THE KERALA HIGH COURT REQUESTING POLICE PROTECTION TO ENTER IN CHURCHES LIKE MANARCAD AND KOTHAMANGALAM ? WHO WENT TO THE SUPREME COURT TO APPEAL WHEN THE KERALA HIGH COURT SAID NO? What was this for ?? Are you going to tell me that there was no interest of POWER STRUGGLE in this? Fr. M.K.K. try to take the log out of your eyes before even you talk to me about the tiny piece of dust inside my eyes. Fr.M.K.K. what would you do if I come to your house one fine morning and tell you that everything is mine and you and your family have to vacate the house ASAP. What would you do if I forcefully try to take over your house? I just need a fair and honest answer.
      I hope you understand what I am talking about. What satisfaction does the Methran Kakshi Catholicose get by offering a Holy Qurbana at Manarcad Church or Kothamangalam Church by using force? Don't you know the song that we sing before the beginning of the Holy Qurbana?
      Sodharare Varuvin.....
      "Naadhen Chonnevam....
      Yaathoruvan Baliyarppippan
      Vannethum Neram
      Than Sodhara Vairyamathorthaal
      Yaagathinu munpe Avanodu Nee Nirappakenam
      Pinneedarppikuka Shaanthi Samaadhaana Balikal
      Kaaanappedumee Sodharane
      Snehikkathengine Snehikkum
      Kaanaanakaathoru Sneheshwaranam Daivathe?

      I know for sure that for the question that I asked before, your answer would be a simple one:" I know how to protect my house from any intruder". That is exactly what we are going to do. We are KEFA. We all over....in Manarcad....in Kothamangalam...in US. We the youth who stand in the ROCK FAITH that our forefathers followed know how to protect our church. Even the Supreme Court clearly says that no body has any authority of any parish properties, but the authority lies totally on the Parish General Body. Do you
      think that we would leave our Churches and run away? If you get a chance all the Methran Kakshi heretics should check the website of the Apostolic Visit of H.H. Check to see the crowd that we had at Eranakulam and Manarcad. Now think twice before you act. You cannot deceive us any more. Our Holy Church has officially declared the Methran Kakshi as a group that has been separated from the Mother Church. So, be Christians....act like Christians. Withdraw your unfair claims and try to work within your church rather than poking your nose into what we are doing. THE CONSEQUENCE WOULD BE FATAL. We bear the Cross of Our Lord. Lord, we will conquer the enemies by your cross.

      In HIS divine love and prayers

      SONS of KEFA
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