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5076Re: The transcript of Patriarch's Speech

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  • Dr.GeorgeK John
    Sep 24, 2004
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      Dear All,

      once agin Kerala was blessed with the foot prints of HH Moran the Patriach of Antioc. the recption that was given to Moran shows the devotion of our people and their faith in Syrian Church. they saw Moran as the representative of Jesus as they were praying for him with the faith that he was selected and maintained by God Himself.

      when we expect the apostolic blessings we also expect apostolic words from him. it was indeed inapt to prepare a speech for God's man like we do it in our
      common life. the organizers prepare the speech for President of India which he has to read during function. but Moran should not be considered in that manner. because His Lord has given him the command not to think what to speak because Holy Spirit will tell him what to talk.

      while going through Moran's prepared speech it had several indications that it was not Moran's words. our beloved HB Aboon Thomas bava never used any prepared
      speeches even for 3 hours sermons. while HB delivers any speech one used to get the feeling that HB speak after hearing from God.

      in the public meeting at cochin Moran revealed himself as one among the dignitaries on the dias. the speeches of Cardinal and Mar Chrysostem had devine touch. may be i could not get the real copy of Moran's speech.

      we must not forget that the Syrian Orthodox church the ancient apostolic holy one church is the continuation of incarnated Jesus and Moran is its supreme head. therefore we look upon him to hear the words from Jesus. the annoying / criticising words should not get any place in Moran's divine talks. the IOC is also under Moran and He should not think bad for them. he is their 'Edayan' also and cannot be abandoned because of disobediance.

      the human argument that Moran is also a man is inapt becuase we see him as the image of Jesus.

      pardon me if my words hurt any one

      with humble prayers
      Dr.GeorgeK John
      St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Sharjah
      St.Peter & St.Paul Jacobite church Pengamuck
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