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488Re: Fwd: Article- Oriental Consanguinity (History)

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  • thomas_pa1
    Mar 6, 2002
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      This Oriental Consanguinity has been
      > acknowledged by Hon. Supreme Court of India.The Supreme
      > also recognizes H.H. Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
      > in SYRIA as Supreme Head of Syrian Orthodox Christians
      > in India.The Holy Throne Of Antioch was established by
      > Patriarch.St .Peter, the chief Apostle in 37AD in Antioch
      > as there was political unrest in Jerusalem after
      > of Christ in 33AD. (disciples of Christ were first called
      > 'Christians ' at Antioch, ACTS:11:26) .Same St.Peter then found
      > another Church in Rome in 67AD later known as Roman
      > Church.

      1. Kindly also mention the names of other churches and the
      Apostles who founded them. For example: Churches founded by St.
      Mark, St. Andrew, (and even St. Thomas if you will) etc.
      2. According to most traditional teaching "Church of Anthioc"
      was founded by Apostles Peter and Paul.
      3. Oriental nature of a church is shown when church adopts to
      the life and culture of common people of the land. Just like
      Christ who spoke the language of common man, Aramaic.
      What is the cultural state of Christians in India, especially
      the Jacobite/ Orthodox factions? Are we going downhill culturally,
      degrading also the cultural values of traditional Indians?
      If so, how is this witnessing Christ and His church?
      Do we have a vision about existing as an Orthodox Church in Indian
      sub-continent? How the church is helping by adopting Ecumenical
      liturgical traditions to the life and culture of Indian people?
      Compare our siutation with the growth of Oriental church in
      Ethiopia, Armenia, Egypt etc.?
      4. Churches confessing same faith forms the one Church without
      division. There is no division according to teachings of ancient
      Church fathers, most notably St. Severus, St. Cyril etc.
      So whether the church of same faith develops in the West or
      in the Orient, it is the same church by nature of the confession.
      So, there is no special importance to Oriental culture, since
      Christ is for all civilizations. Our duty as Indian Christians
      should be to be like our neighbours in good aspects of the
      civilization, without acting foreign (Sheema) in culture, language

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