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  • Cecil.K.Varghese
    Aug 22, 2004
      Dear members of SOCM- Forum

      Following words are in response to message 4 of dig.993 of mr. Kuriakose

      Dear members, If you go through each and every aspect of our church we can
      find many things like this Something is not harm ful to our faith should be
      ignored. My first point according to Mr. Kuriakose we do not consider
      Family background ,education, profession for preasthood in 70's this may be
      true .As everyone knows after the split in the church Many of of our preasts
      go behind the greenpastures .so there was a shortage of preasts in our
      side. Many preasts were in charge of 3to 4 churches especially in south
      Secondly you know the financial condition of our churches in 70,s Salary of
      Achen is given by individual churchs according to their ability and our
      achens never complained about it In this context if a preast who can work
      in any other department matching to their qualification is only a matter
      of survival ,they also have their family.
      Thirdly the so called Priests doing work other than religious duty is with
      the permission of the concerned Bishops So they are doing nothing illegal.
      Another point The priest working in police force with out affecting the
      church commitments.

      On the other hand I know a preast from well known family, having masters
      degree in theology doing some unpleasant practices

      During Holy Mass(Giving Husoyoo while distributing holy Qurbana with right
      hand holding Holy Qurbana in the left hand) So education, family ,profession
      are not the eligibility "call from God " is important



      St.Ignatious church

      Kaipattoor Thupamon Dio
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