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4795To dear francis ouseph

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  • Baby Gleeson Zachariah
    Aug 26 5:28 AM
      Dear fransis ouseph,

      Iam reproducing your whole mail to moderators.

      """"This refers to the mail by Baby Zechariah

      ((sir those people were ordained by a "paradesi
      pathriarkeese" who should be
      thrown into the arabian sea. So how could you)) What
      does he mean by a
      "paradeshi" ? Tomorrow he might say the same about our
      Lord Jesus Christ who is
      also not an Indian. Such meaningless mails should not
      be allowed to circulate by
      the moderators.

      And for those of you who might be wondering abt me , I
      neither belong to IOC or

      And Mr Baby , consider yourself lucky that you are a
      Christian because some
      "paradeshis" had come to spread LIGHT in this land a
      long time ago.

      Francis Ouseph.""""

      Please dear sir, try to understand what i have writen
      before responding.

      And try to get the meaning of my whole mail rather
      than "plucking" a sentence which was used as a pun.

      My mail was a responce to mr john zachariah,and if you
      had gone through the original message of john
      zachariah you could have understood what i meant.

      Or if you had any idea of the terminology used for HH
      The Patriarch of Antioch and all the east, by MOC(even
      in newspapers) you could have understood to whom my
      mail was directed.

      Or atleast if you had gone through my other mails you
      would have known where i stand.

      Dear sir, probably you may not belong to IOC or SOC.
      But anybody belonging to IOC or SOC would have
      understood,where my mail was directed.

      Iam against a group which for almost 100 years have
      been trying to discard anything "paradesei". Which
      have used the name of St Thomas in its quest for
      throwing out anything "paradesi".

      This group, will later on, even call St Thomas a
      "paradesi", and strive for a "swadesi church".

      But to understand all these you have to either "belong
      to IOC or SOC."

      And regarding the "spread of LIGHT" in this land, iam
      a person who believe that the "LIGHT" was kept flaming
      in the dark ages and in the persecucation ages of the
      catholic church(i dont know if you belong to that
      church)and in the age of persecution by the english
      missioneries and in the age of still continuing
      persecution by MOC....

      The "LIGHT" was kept flaming by THE HOLY SEE OF

      Once again please go through the whole mail before


      Baby Gleeson Zachariah
      St George Jacobite Syrian Church