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474Fwd: Article- Oriental Consanguinity (History)

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    Mar 4, 2002
      From the desk of:
      ( Vayaliparambil Pynadath ) BPM



      "History is past politics and politics present history"
      says John Robert Sealey. Every nation has its dreams, the
      French dreamed being universally loved by all civilized
      people. Italians dreamed of making a mark on history like
      a lion with its claws .Germans loved of being a place in
      sun. Americans invincible, always right and in the long run
      always victorious. Soviet stood for international proletarian
      emancipation. The Portuguese and British apart from colonizing
      India dreamed of spiritually enslaving Indians to keep their
      hegemony forever intact.

      An English journalist attended Sunday service in a local
      church in Kerala. The altar was free from idols built in
      Persian architecture of East, priestly robes resembling dress
      code of Jewish high priest. He was shocked when he realized
      that the liturgy was written and recited in high tone not
      in Malayalam but in 'Syriac' a derivative(Edessene dialect)
      of ARAMAIC which Jesus Christ himself used .He was filled
      with awe to see a pure Eastern Church in the India of

      When the first colonial power under navigatourship of
      Vasco Da Gamma landed in Kerala through Atlantic Ocean in
      1498 in search of spices of kerala, Gamma was shocked to
      see Churches through out coast of Kerala. He inquired
      whether they are followers of Pope. They replied they have
      nothing to do with Pope, they are Eastern Christians, the
      first Christians of the world and many of them came from
      Middle East. Gamma reported this to their king and their
      followed a great conspiracy between king and Pope to
      enslave Eastern Christians of India by draconian measures .
      Eastern Christians were specially invited by rulers of
      Kerala to develop trade and they controlled ,maintained all
      markets and all business including export in association
      with Jewish, Syrian merchants who owned wind jammers. The
      Portuguese Catholic bishop of Goa Alexio Menzes wanted all
      Christians in India to come under his jurisdiction adopt
      Roman orthodoxy. Menezes started a visit of parishes advocating
      name of Pope instead of Patriarch as spiritual head(council of
      trent 1562).Portuguese influenced local rulers and the Archdeacon,
      local head of eastern Christians was made to sever ties with
      East under duress. They burned all books and scriptures of
      Eastern Christians(Udayamperur synod .20/6/1599 AD).The Hindu local
      Cochin king supported Portuguese and issued proclamation that any
      sryian Priest or Church which abstained from synod of Catholic
      Portugeuse bishop for establishing Catholic Church in kerala ,
      their assets will be confiscated,yet no Syrian priests of Angamali,
      earnestwhile head quarters of Syrian Church attended synod , local
      king was helpless. Mean while local population found Portuguese
      practices morally disgusting as renowned historian Prof.Guptan
      Nair says "Portuguese introduced beef for first time in
      India and not the Eastern Christians. "Eastern Christians
      to whom loyalty is paramount started their secret resistive
      movement, the Archdeacon of Eastern Christians sent secret
      appeals to Patriarch of East to send any prophet to
      ordain bishop for Eastern Christians in India and to
      liberate from Portuguese control through Eastern merchants.
      It took at least a decade for a letter to reach Patriarch
      of Antioch/East by sea route. Bishop Mor Ahatalla from
      Syria reached Surat in 1652 .Mor Ahatalla was arrested by
      Jesuits on Aug. 3rd 1652. Portuguese took Mor Ahatalla to
      Goa, imprisoned him and was given choice of renouncing his
      Syrian Church accepting Pope or die. Mor Ahatalla was
      condemned a heretic by INQUISITION OF GOA and died
      at stake in 1654. The eastern Christians assembled in
      thousands at Cochin(Leaning cross event / KOONANKURISH SATHYAM ,
      16-1-1653 AD) and took oath no longer to submit to authority
      of Rome and be loyal to Patriarch of East only as their
      spiritual head. This broke yoke of Roman supremacy, Portuguese
      tried their best by arresting and killing as many Syrian
      prophets as possible as masters of sea. The Patriarch of
      Antioch and All the East again sent Abdel Galeel Mor
      Gregorios, bishop of Jerusalem and Eldo Mor Bascellios,
      bishop of Mosul(Iraq) to India.The former reached India
      in 1665 disguised as Arabic teacher and latter at age of
      ninety two through secret forest paths in 1685.Both
      revived and reconstructed completely shattered eastern
      Syrian Church in India(Kerala) gradually.Tipu Sultan of
      Mysore attacked Travencore in 1789AD during time of Darmaraja
      in which Tipu was defeated , but Tipu destoyed many
      Jacobite churches as a result many ancient Jacobite
      families fled from north Kerala to Ankamaly side ,
      Kottayam merged into strong dias for first time
      with construction of Seminary there for all later
      troubles. Essence of speech of PATRIARCH .PETER-III OF
      ANTIOCH during his apostolic entourage to India in 1876 to
      stem British subversion against Syrians in India "The extent
      of your calamity and tragedy you know much better than
      we can ever know.We went through your history and we know
      the IRREPARABLE damage done to you by Portuguese. For they
      pillaged your church ,plundered your antiques, burnt your
      records and priceless books, leaving you orphans and
      destitutes. Thus Papist had taken more than half of
      your people".Portuguese supplied gold petals hidden in edible
      church offering to masses. Portuguese thus separated many
      Eastern Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians to form new
      separate eastern Syrian Catholic church loyal to Pope in
      India.Hence many Catholic and Jacobite families still have same
      Patronymic (family name) especially in Ankamally region.When
      Dutch took sea control they helped genuine Syrian Christians
      loyal to East consolidate among new emerging Syrian Catholics
      loyal to Pope by letting free their ships to bring Syrian
      prophets from East (Turkey, Syria, Israel and Iraq ) to India
      as stated by Danish historian ADRIAN V. MOINES.

      Soon British missionaries started subversion against Syrian
      Christians in India by sowing seeds of reformation. Protestant
      practices were advocated. Fifth Anglican Metropolitan bishop
      Daniel Wilson came to Kerala and presented scheme intended
      to bring Syrian Christians gradually under Anglican
      Church(precursor of mavellikara padiyola -1836).Relations
      grew worse when Rev Joseph Peet broke into Syrian Seminary
      and removed all books, documents including historic copper
      plates to British Residency. (later condemned by CMS of England).
      Syrians affirmed supremacy of Jacobite Patriarch of Antioch and
      declared not to deviate. Some English missionaries spread
      propaganda that St.Thomas did not come to India.At this
      stage Patriarch Peter-III of Antioch met Queen Victoria and
      asked to stop meddling with Syrian Church in India, Queen
      did so but by the time seeds of reformation grew and a
      new British model independent eastern Syrian Protestant
      church(syrian Marthomite) was founded separating some
      Syrians from original Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians
      in India.(Jacobite- named after Jacob Baradius ,adventurous
      bishop of Edessa who rejuvenated Church during Roman arrogance)
      Sent by St.Peter, St.Thomas (Dydimus) the apostle was a
      sculptor came to India in 52A.D, along Adanes, a merchant
      of Gondophornes(king of India ) who was in Jerusalem in
      search of a skillful architect. Gondophornes remained a
      mythical figure until Archeological excavations at Taxila
      enabled to trace line of Gondophornes to Indo-Parthian
      dynasty which ruled area comprising of Afghan, Seistan,
      Punjab, Sind, N. W. Frontier Province from 95B.C. to 50A.D .
      St Thomas preached gospel first to Jews in India(reached
      because of Diaspora) and first converts to Christianity in
      India are Jews. St.Thomas was followed by Syrian bishop of
      Basra(Iraq) David Episcopa which no Western historians
      have recorded says historian Patriarch. Ignatius Aphrem-I of
      Antioch (1946,Homs-Syria)(bishop Vayaliparambil Mor Gregorios ":
      My Jerusalem Journey").

      Marco Polo Venetian traveller came to Mylapore in 1292A.D .His
      views are "Christians who thither on pilgrimages gather some
      soil from place were saint was killed and this they take
      to their countries".

      That which strengthen Christianity in Kerala( India) was
      immigration of Syrians from Mesopotamia to port of
      Muziris 345A.D.In 823 another batch from Syria arrived
      (Mor Sabrisho) beginning of new Malayalam Era known as
      ' KOLLA VARSHAM' with grant of royal patronage by king
      Ayyan to Mor .Sabrisho The high caste Hindu predominance
      can be seen in Syrian Orthodox ceremonial wedding in India
      with introduction of 'mangalsuthra'(thalikettu) which is
      absent in Syrian Churches in Middle East, apart from
      exchange of rings.This custom was copied by all new
      Syrian Churches later founded by colonial interference.
      Early Syrian Bishops were scholars in Arabic, Hebrew,
      Syriac, Sanskrit,Malayalam and Indian occult sciences like
      astrology, palmistry and indigenous medicine. Manifestly
      this FIRST genuine eastern Christian Church in India
      was result of "golden handshake" between Patriarchs of
      East and sages of India in bonafides as SIBLINGS of
      Great Oriental Civilization Syrian bishops as well as
      Namboodird Bhramins priest are addressed as 'Thirumeni
      (keeping body clean along soul)" is the best example
      that early local Indian population considered both
      religions as siblings.Right from St .Thomas all Syrian
      prophets reached India from Basra port (Iraq) via Persian
      Gulf sea route .They were solitaries like lion or eagle,
      came empty handed not with colonial armies yet created
      greater impact than West because spirit of God guided
      them .Colonial western spiritual policies were quintessence
      of dishonesty ,during ' Crusade' Italian sailors stole relics
      of Mor Sokha, Syrian bishop of Myra, Lycia (4th century A.D.
      born-Turkey). Italians built a new church in Bari (Italy)
      with relics and renamed him as St.Nicholas who later became
      famous by Western marketing as "SANTA CLAUSE". But he was
      a man of East. WILLIAM SOMERSET MAUGHAM accepts" Bible is
      purely a book of East beyond creativity and imagery of
      West, and there is nothing West can take pride of in
      this wonderful book" .In 1900, at Los Angles Swami.VIVEKANANDA
      said "You all often forget a vital fact that man from
      Nazareth belonged to ORIENT, inspite of your efforts to
      portray him in blue eyes and golden hair" .Internationally
      most Syrians are those Jews who accepted Jewish carpenter
      Esa Mashiha as " the root and offspring of David" .On
      observation you can see tombs of Syrian prophets throughout
      Jacobite or Syrian Orthodox Churches in Kerala, also names of
      Keralite Syrian Christians in epitaph of Syrian Cemetery in
      Jerusalem (Israel).This Oriental Consanguinity has been
      acknowledged by Hon. Supreme Court of India.The Supreme Court
      also recognizes H.H. Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
      in SYRIA as Supreme Head of Syrian Orthodox Christians
      in India.The Holy Throne Of Antioch was established by
      Patriarch.St .Peter, the chief Apostle in 37AD in Antioch (Turkey)
      as there was political unrest in Jerusalem after crucification
      of Christ in 33AD. (disciples of Christ were first called
      'Christians ' at Antioch, ACTS:11:26) .Same St.Peter then found
      another Church in Rome in 67AD later known as Roman Catholic
      Church. Today as independent free thinking gained momentum
      there are tens of thousands of independent new testament
      church assemblies in West with groups operating in India
      who often consider a Syrian Christian as a non -Christian
      and will speak gospel also to them in airports, railway
      stations, hostels, hospitals and streets around the world.
      These groups believe in Church more than that in God
      that may be the reason.This article has been written
      to eradicate misconception about origin of Christianity
      in India and its misunderstood Western Connection as our
      historians have failed to bring true facts to Indian
      public under the shadow of Western drafted Indian History.
      But the TRUTH is as DANIEL DEFOE says

      "Whenever God erects a house of prayer
      Devil always builds a chapel there
      And it will be found on examination
      That latter has a greater congregation".

      From the desk of: BIBU PHILIP MATHEW,
      Vayaliparambil Pynadath

      Published in NET college magazine, 2000; Mangalore.
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