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472RE: [SOCM-FORUM] The faith of The Church

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  • Joshy C Abraham
    Mar 3, 2002
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      Dear John Achan,
      I really feel pity about you. What Justice you find with Manorama Church - I don't know. What all crooked and satanic ways this church is fighting against the innocent people of Syrian orthodox church with their money and influence.  You think about yourself and your motives in light of the words of God. You may again try to go through the history of the church and the teachings of the church fathers including saint Parumala thirumeni. Manorama church on one side praise parumala thirumeni and on the other side fight against his teachings.   
      Do you think forcefully Closing the Houses of God is the way of justice and righteousness. This according to me is the greatest mistake that church is playing with the Jacobite people.
      And what is the motive behind the sainthood of the Vattasseri Methran, who initiated all the troubles in this blessed church.  Can you say that the arrangements that saint Peter III Patriarch, made in Malankara was to establish the yoke of Antioch on his flock here.  What was in your opinion the aims our saint Manjinikkara Alias III baava, Mor Eldo Baselios baava and the other saintly fathers of Antiochean church ?  Can you agree and find justice in the teachings of Manorama church ? How cruelly they have twisted the history ?  How can you simply forget your mother (church) who nurtured and watered you to grow and keep the true faith ? 
      What we can do is only to pray for you .
      Dn.Joshy C Abraham 
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      From: Fr. John Kunjukunju [mailto:fatherjohnkk@...]
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      Dear jaimon,
      I have already mentioned where I stand. I do not believe in a system which does not stand for justice. I also feel it is every believer's duty to stand for just cause. Fr John KK. 
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      From: jaimon skaria
      Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 2:55 AM
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      Subject: Re: [SOCM-FORUM] The faith of The Church
      Dear Achan,
                 will u pls clarify whether u are with Patriarch faction or
      Catholicose faction......

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