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  • J P
    Mar 1, 2002

       Dear SOCM forum members,


      Recently it has been heard that the opposite Orthodox group of Kerala has decided to declare their founder father as a saint.  I think it has been announced at the most inappropriate time and is generally considered to be as unnecessary.  Many from their group too, have certain reservations on the declaration of Sainthood to Wattasseril Thirumeni at this juncture.


      So it’s better to recall to what Dr. D.Babu Paul Sir has recorded in his book “Veni Vidi Vici” in 1982.  Page 37, Reference section no.6.



      “Mar Dionysius Vattasseril (who is in a way the Father of the dissident group) went to Patriarch Abdulla, who had succeeded Abdul Masih, although Abdul Masih was living there at that time, for his ordination as Bishop.   Whether to avoid the admission of this inconvenient truth or not, he is reported to have said later on,  “I did not see who put his hands on my head at my ordination as Bishop because I had my eyes shut in prayer !!”



      And now in 2002, ‘ Wattasserril Thirumeni’, who is reported to have made such declarations in a courtto avoid the admission of the inconvenient truth”) , is to conferred with Sainthood !!!! 


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