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4471Re: Bishop Benyamin Joseph Mor Osthathios Passes away

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  • Dr. D. Babu Paul
    Jun 22, 2004
      Dear All

      It was with a degree of disbelief that I heard the news of Mar
      Ostatheos passing away at the relatively young age of 55. I knew him
      as a sarvoye in the 70s and the last time I met him was over a
      private lunch in the home of a relative of his here in Trivandrum
      just a few weeks ago. Over the last quarter century that we have
      known each other I have had no opportunity to suspect his sincerity,
      character, faith or loyalty to the throne.

      When we speak about the loyalty we must remember that he identified
      himself unequivocally with the Antiochean faction long before the
      present realities began to take shape in 1975. And he never faltered.
      We must admire this trait when we remember that it is few who in
      similar positions would qualify for the respect due to a man whose
      views were unselfish.

      Another simple soul was Perumpilly Thirumeni whom I remember everyday
      and I have added the name of Benyamin Tirumeni to my prayer list Now.
      May his soul rest in peace, and may his intercession be our forte

      Dr. D. Babu Paul