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4410Re: Y chromosome for Jesus

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  • Dr. GeorgeK John
    Jun 1, 2004
      Dear All,
      it is indeed interesting to learn the questions of
      students about the scientific clarification on God's
      creations. As far as Jesus is concerned He was not
      born out of sexual reproduction. there was no fusion
      of male and female gamets to form the zygot. as a
      biologist i tried to understand the birth of Jesus in
      the light of embryo transfer. later when science
      innovated cloning the thinking went to that direction.
      now i believe that the science has not innovated
      several other secrets of life and reproduction.

      but i turned to the writings of the holy fathers. it
      is explained by them " karnathal avane kaikkondu
      thare.................." Yeldod Aloho received the
      incarnation through her ear and kept it in her uterus
      to form a human infant. science has yet to find it
      out. we must realise that our knowledge is too
      primitive to measure the God's creation.

      Like that the creation of Eve also cannot be confirmed
      as cloing because some thing above it may be innovated

      we cannot restrict God with in the rules of nature. He
      has no domain of time, shape and existance. He is
      omnipresent and omnipotent. Believe in Him and get the
      salvation which is the ultimate aim of our life.

      with prayers
      Dr.GeorgeK John
      St.Gregorios Church, Sharjah
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